Has your stalker acted out in a course of conduct directed at you that would cause you to feel fear and to be unsafe? If that is your situation please call our Stalker investigations and Protective Services division immediately (310) 385- 8200.

We can change your fear to feeling safe and secure. Stalking is a criminal offense. If you are a stalker victim, you have the right to pursue legal action against the person who is stalking you and to have law enforcement arrest your stalker under certain circumstances. We will protect you and do what is necessary to make sure the stalking stops and we will do it professionally, legally and in concert with law enforcement. If you already called the police and were told that they could not help you because you have not been physically assaulted do not lose hope. We know how to work with the police and have liaison with law enforcement agencies all over America and around the world. Our objective is to secure sufficient evidence to present to the police and District Attorney to prosecute the stalker to the fullest extent of the law. When necessary, we consult with some of the most respected Forensic Psychiatrists in their field to analyze the evidence and to present to you and us with a professional assessment of how dangerous and/or deranged your stalker is.

Worldwide Intelligence Network has provided stalker investigations and protection services for 25 years and not one of our clients has ever been hurt.

We understand how terrifying it is to be the victim of a stalker, your constant fear and sleepless nights are exhausting you but that will stop when we become involved and you will no longer be a victim. We have a successful strategy to stop your stalker developed over twenty-five years of experience in the investigative and personal protection fields. Our primary objective is to immediately secure your safety and neutralize the stalker. We will sit with you to learn everything we can about what has transpired from the moment the stalking began. Our objective is to learn everything about your stalker’s background such as his/her civil and criminal history, his/her current or past employment, his/her residence addresses, work addresses and all of his/her residence addresses going as far back as fifteen years. We will be looking into prior restraining orders within the jurisdictions of each county where they lived that might have been filed with the court by other stalking victims. Surveillance will be initiated on the stalker to know where he/she is every moment of the day. Video will obtained of the stalker’s activities and especially if your stalker gets anywhere close to you at your residence or at your workplace. Law enforcement will be notified in advance of our surveillance and they will be on the alert to respond to any unlawful conduct perpetrated by the stalker we have under constant observation. This allows us to compile information about the stalker and gather evidence on your behalf that may be used should you pursue legal or law enforcement action.

When Contacting the Police Isn’t Enough

The police have an obligation to act upon your complaint providing that the state in which you live has clearly defined anti-stalking laws. The first thing you should do is contact the police to report your situation. You may have already done this, to which they may have told you to file a restraining or protective order with the court. That at times is not beneficial to you at all and we will explain why if that comes into fruition. The police may have also told you that they are unable to do anything to stop your stalker, unless you are physically assaulted. That is simply not good enough, and that is when you contact us. Worldwide Intelligence Network prevents stalkers from ruining your life by providing you with personal protection bodyguard services.

What Your Stalker May Do

The type of actions a stalker does to his/her victim varies greatly, and all are performed to further the motivations of the stalker. Some examples of stalking behavior include the following:

  • Following you wherever you go
  • Unwanted contact with you in the form of phone calls, texts, emails and visits at your work, home or other place you go
  • Theft of your personal property
  • Spreading rumors about you
  • Sending unwanted gifts
  • Emailing bazaar messages to you.
  • Threatening to harm or kill you or anyone you care about, or anyone who is protecting you
  • Physically or sexually assaulting you

Some of the above may appear non-threatening, however, the effects of stalking are cumulative, and therefore even simple text or email can instill fear in the stalker victim. In addition, behavior generally worsens over time, becoming more dangerous. While a stranger may commit all of the above, statistics show that there is a better chance your stalker is someone you already know. You may have met them at work, through a friend, or at a social networking event—stalkers can be men and women (although the majority are men) from any ethnic and socio-economic background. They may be stalking you for one of the following reasons: they are romantically obsessed with you, have developed a delusion that you love them (erotomania), or had a previous relationship with you and can’t “let go”.

No matter what, you should not blame yourself for having a stalker. You have not done anything to warrant the criminal behavior of the person terrorizing you. However you should exercise your right to protect yourself from the damaging effects of their behavior. Call us, we’re here to help you take back your life (310) 385- 8200.