Worldwide Intelligence Network is known as the Gold Standard for providing the highest level of Personal Protection for Executives, Celebrities, Political Commentators, Athletes, High-Profile individuals, and the General Public requiring Close Protection Bodyguards, in New York, Los Angeles, and Worldwide. Anyone receiving a realistic threat toward their safety or the safety of their family can rely upon Worldwide Intelligence Network to protect them with our physically fit male and female Bodyguards many of whom served with the military in Afghanistan and Iraq dealing with very high stress situations. Several of our Bodyguards are off duty, or former law enforcement officers and all of them are prepared to meet the personal protection challenges our clients face.


Highly successful global companies are often targets of deranged individuals who not only threaten CEO’s and their Board of Directors. They also terrorize the company’s employees. Often threats are made anonymously, so to mitigate those threats we assign our Private Investigative division the task of gathering all available intelligence on the perpetrator, including the perpetrator’s location and any criminal history. Once the perpetrator is identified we provide law enforcement with the intelligence acquired. Our singular goal is to minimize any apparent risk as soon as possible while keeping a low profile to not instill fear within the company’s environment.

Airplane Hanger


Some of our celebrity clients, unfortunately, fear for their safety from obsessed fans, not to mention overzealous paparazzi. Transporting our Celebrity clients to their destinations safely requires in-depth advance planning such as; the safest routes to and from a location, the securest entry, and exits to use. Most important is where the assigned Bodyguard driver should park and remain with the vehicle. Advance planning further involves knowing where the nearest medical emergency facility is. Reviewing egregious fan mail that suggests any abnormality is thoroughly looked into by our Private Investigative Division and followed up with law enforcement if necessary.


We accommodate clients who prefer a low profile Bodyguard approach by not have their Bodyguards appear conspicuous. To accommodate this client and without compromising their safety, our Bodyguards will dress down and not wear suits and ties, so they blend in with the pedestrian traffic, and they will position themselves behind, front, and align on the side of our client.


When a client tells us that someone is constantly following them, and they do not know who they are, but there is no doubt whoever it is, is terrifying them. When faced with that scenario we conduct counter-surveillance whereby we surveil the client from a distance of about two to three vehicles behind the client’s car to identify the driver of the car following our client. We then assign the registered owner’s name to our Private Investigation Division to conduct a background investigation, and we hand over our findings to the police.


Almost 99% of all Bodyguard assignment does not require the Bodyguards to be armed. Having an armed Close Protection Bodyguard is necessary when it has been confirmed that the client received credible death threats or has had prior attempts made against their life.


Worldwide Intelligence Network works with numerous Personal Protection Bodyguards all over the world. When we accompany our clients abroad, we always assign associates of ours in the country our client will be traveling in to join our security detail. There is enormous value having a skilled knowledgeable Bodyguard with us because they know areas to avoid in their country, and they are very helpful in assisting us with gathering vital intelligence to enhance our client’s level of security. Worldwide Intelligence Network has professional dedicated men and women situated in nearly every metropolitan city in the world.