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For the past thirty years, Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing the finest caliber of Bodyguard Services to our clients in Los Angeles, New York, across America, and around the world. Our Personal Protection and Celebrity Protection Specialists have maintained a flawless record of safe and secure protection for some of the most renowned entertainers and high-profile clients worldwide. We also offer high-profile Corporate Security, Residential, and Estate Security, managed by dedicated professional Protection Specialists. Several of our Bodyguards are former or off duty Law Enforcement Officers and retired Government Protection Agents. Many of our male and female Bodyguards served gallantly in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some earned Emergency Medical Certification while in the military. What defines a superb Bodyguard is one who knows how to effectively avoid or defuse a threatening situation. Over the past thirty years, we’ve maintained a flawless security record for our clientele across America and around the world. We hope to be of service to you, your family, and colleagues.

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Worldwide Intelligence Network is Internationally recognized as The Gold Standard provider of carefully selected Bodyguards who met our quality standards of which is far above the industry norm. Rest assured that your Bodyguard will be exceptionally skilled, perceptive, discrete, and well-groomed. Our Bodyguards possess enormous pride in what they do. They are courageous, determined to never hesitate for a split second when it comes to protecting you, your family and your executives. That aptitude is ingrained in their DNA, and very few individuals can mentally make that commitment. Selecting highly trained and dedicated Bodyguards is what Worldwide Intelligence Network is all about. All of our Bodyguards are, intelligent, intuitive, and experienced in multiple disciplines and environments. Both armed and unarmed Bodyguards are available.


Knowing which Bodyguard is best suited to protect you and those closest to you is a vital decision. Making the wrong choice could impact your life forever. All too often people assume that a big nasty looking Bodyguard will scare away anyone intent on harming them only to, unfortunately, learn that a big and scary looking person without proper training and experience can actually cause more trouble than they prevent.

A Professional Bodyguard is all about avoidance rather than confrontation. First and foremost your Bodyguard should s at all times be thinking ahead while you are in a public environment as to how to immediately remove you from harm’s way should that develop. We realize how traumatic it is when you find yourself a victim of a serious threat, or as a public figure knowing you’re a likely target of a radical group or deranged individual ready to sacrifice their life to take yours. Worldwide Intelligence Network has maintained the safety of our clients all over the world without a single client injured, robbed or kidnapped on our watch.

Worldwide Intelligence Network provides investigative background investigation services on anyone who threatened a client of ours. Threatening celebrity fan mail will be carefully scrutinized by our investigators who will dive deep to determine if a subject has a nefarious civil or criminal history. A celebrity’s agent and or manager should immediately alert Worldwide Intelligence Network of any safety concern that may arise including vicious Social Media posts.

You, your family, business and friends are a responsibility we take very seriously and we strive to be unobtrusive, enabling you the freedom to concentrate on your personal or business agenda. We are internationally recognized as an elite intelligence-cutting edge protection service that carefully selects their Bodyguards all over the world. Our standards are undeniably above the industry norm.


Many of our clients travel abroad, therefore it is imperative that we research the United States Department of State’s travel advisories prior to departure. Once informed about the political climate in the country and the cities we will be traveling through we determine how many additional local Foreign Bodyguards will be required to join our team. We have over four hundred qualified associates in over sixty metropolitan cities around the world to call upon. Local Bodyguards are extremely helpful due to their familiarity with secure and safe driving routes so we can avoid unstable areas. Becoming stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar city is a logistical nightmare that could create a vulnerable situation for our clients. Furthermore, our foreign Bodyguards know where the closest emergency facilities are located. We often call upon foreign law enforcement officers to join our team when they are off duty.


Worldwide Intelligence Network is a fully licensed and insured Bodyguard Service company bearing New York License # 11000008057 and California License # 15757 . We are also ranked as Experts in Los Angeles and New York

Here are some of our testimonials;

I want to thank you for your superb services and to tell you that I appreciate all you have done for me over many years first by providing excellent Bodyguards for my wedding reception, and assisting me with the removal fraudulent Yelp reviews. I truly appreciate your service and have always trusted you. Kevin T., President Save-on Insurance Services, Inc.

I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your Personal Protection team was fantastic today. I’ve never seen my uncle as calm as he was when your team was here today. My uncle knows when to act out and when not to. He is a very dangerous man, and he played the good guy today thanks to you and your team who kept him calm the entire time. I am SO grateful to you and your team. Please let them know how much I appreciated their presence today. Thanks again! – Lauren

Thank you for the great team you put together, both guys were really professional and knew what they were doing. We will definitely be using your services again. – Paul

Thank you all again for your services. We were all very impressed with your preparedness and professionalism. I hope that you will be able to visit UT-Knoxville in the future. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thank you, Jordan V., The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Young Americans for Freedom

I wanted to thank your team for their services with Ben Shapiro in Memphis this past Wednesday. They were more than kind and professional. They are truly exceptional men. Thank you all!Jocelyn Jordan, YAF President

I believe we had a successful event yesterday evening at The Ohio State University. It was a pleasure working with your staff and I hope they had a positive experience working with our agency and staff. If there is any feedback about the event we would be happy to know their thoughts and any suggestions. – Douglas A. Cunningham # 306, Detective, Department of Public Safety, Police Division

It was great working with your team last night. We do a bunch of protection details here at OSU and I’ve done hundreds over the years. Your guys are among the best and easiest to work with. Please pass along my praise and I hope the rest of the tour goes well. – S. Adam Tabor, Training & Accreditation, Detective, Department of Public Safety, Police Division

As a busy physician, it was critical that I minimize the impact to my clinic. In order to do this I needed to engage someone who I could trust to handle my situation expeditiously. Mr. Mann demonstrated great professionalism and expertise in his field that gave me great confidence in his abilities. – Alex S Carcamo, MD

Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC retained Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network (“WIN”) to provide risk assessment, residential security design, and implementation and personal protection for Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen for a nine-month period in 2002-2003.During that period, personal security and advance security preparations were performed in Los Angeles, Rome, Australia, and Mexico with no adverse security incidents occurring. – Gary S, Rattet Dual Entertainment Group LLC

With the service we received from Worldwide, not only did we feel our CEO and artists were protected but each employee felt safe and comfortable. Worldwide provided professional and experienced agents who proactively secured our safety and made all of us feel at ease. –Stephanie Stilwell, Irvin Naturals

Panopoly Pictures Inc. has used the company to provide executive protection and security and has found them to be of the highest level of professionalism. … they handle each case on an individual basis, perform the background research required to ensure they know all the facts, perceived risks and then formulate a plan to address each concern.-Dave Riggs, CEO Panopoly Pictures


The need for Bodyguard services on the average comes down to some but not all of the following scenarios.

  • You and your family received death threats from a mentally disturbed individual.
  • Someone tried to break into your home and you want estate security.
  • Your lifestyle is envied and at the same time resented, you received threats.
  • You are a public figure aware of being a likely target of a radical group or person.
  • You are a celebrity hounded by unrelenting abusive paparazzi.
  • You are being stalked by a deranged, obsessed fan.
  • You will be traveling overseas and want personal protection.
  • You want to ensure your top executives remain safe in the USA & while traveling abroad.
  • Your company received threats aimed at your employees and business establishment.
  • You are involved in a volatile civil or domestic dispute.
  • You terminated an unstable employee and are anticipating workplace violence.
  • You are a student threatened by either a known or unknown person.
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