Bodyguard Services

Of course you want the very best Bodyguard services obtainable to protect you and those closest to you. Professional Bodyguards will have had extensive training where they acquired a unique set of skills. They are above average intelligence and they possess uncompromising dedication in keeping you safe. The need for Bodyguard services on the average comes down to some but not all of the following scenarios.

• You and your family received death threats from a mentally disturbed individual.
• Your lifestyle is envied and at the same time resented, you received threats.
• You are a public figure aware of being a likely target of a radical group or person.
• You are a celebrity hounded by paparazzi because of a deranged and obsessed fan.
• You want to insure that your top executives remain safe while traveling abroad.
• Your company received threats aimed at your employees and business establishment.

Knowing which Bodyguard is best suited to protect you and those closest to you is a vital decision. Making the wrong choice could impact your life forever. All too often people think a very big nasty looking Bodyguard will scare away anyone intent on harming them only to learn that big and scary looking unprofessional Bodyguards can actually cause more trouble than they prevent. A professional Bodyguard doesn’t look to get into a brawl but rather looks for a way to immediately remove you from harm’s way. Avoidance is paramount to protecting you. We realize how traumatic it is when you find yourself a victim of a serious threat, or as a public figure knowing you’re a likely target of a radical group or deranged individual ready to sacrifice their life to take yours. Worldwide Intelligence Network continues to secure the safety of our clients all over the world and not a single client has ever been injured, kidnapped or killed on our watch. With over twenty- three years of providing Bodyguard services and risk assessment for dignitaries, politicians, high net-worth individuals, executives, celebrities and the general public, we are known for providing the finest Bodyguards obtainable. Our clients benefit from the multiple capabilities our Bodyguards offer, many of whom are former Secret Service, FBI, DEA, ATF agents and Police Detectives who not only have the physical capabilities to protection you, they also know when to apply a set of complex psychological tactics designed to defuse life-threatening situations.

You, your family, business and friends are a responsibility we take very seriously and we strive to be unobtrusive, enabling you the freedom to concentrate on your personal and /or business agenda. We are internationally recognized as an elite intelligence-led, cutting edge protection service that carefully selects their Bodyguards all over the world. Our standards are undeniably above the industry norm. Worldwide Intelligence Network provides the following Bodyguard Services.

Los Angeles Bodyguard Services


For the past thirty years, we are recognized as the Best Bodyguard Services Company in Los Angeles due to our superb reputation for excellence, integrity, confidentiality, and our ability to deploy our highly experienced Bodyguards rapidly. We appreciate how frightening it is to fear the possibility of bodily harm by a deranged or vindictive individual. Knowing someone is out there seeking to harm you or your loved ones is terrifying. We make your safety our mission. We will keep you, your family, and your employees safe and secure. Not a single client of Worldwide Intelligence Network has ever been assaulted [...]

New York Bodyguard Services


Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing armed and unarmed New York Bodyguard Services for the past twenty-three years and not a single client has ever been injured in all that time. In addition to serving clients in New York we have offices in Los Angeles and Ventura County, California along with associate Bodyguards in over sixty countries around the world. We also provide risk assessment for estate security and we utilize the latest in state of the art detection, intrusion and video surveillance equipment. Whether you require one year or lifetime service we will provide you with the finest [...]

Celebrity Bodyguard Services


Our Celebrity Bodyguard Services division is comprised of protection personnel who have been working with celebrities for years. Our male and female Bodyguards can be an integral component of your national or international tour. They are accustomed to consulting with the venue security personnel to make certain all security protocols are complied with and they see to it that your entourage arrived safe and that everyone’s luggage is distributed to its rightful owner. Throughout your journey we strive to assure your privacy and your personal space by managing the paparazzi and the media. Confidentiality is paramount to our celebrity clients [...]

Corporate Bodyguard Services


As a bona fide corporate Bodyguard services company located in New York and Los Angeles we prefer to get right to the point. Do you trust your Executive Protection Bodyguard? Is he/she someone willing to take a bullet for you? If your answer is “probably not” then do not delude yourself any further when it’s your security at risk. As a successful business person your need for personal security is likely predicated upon your success. Now a deranged individual comes along who decides you do not deserve the lifestyle you currently enjoy. Basically that is the sum and substance of [...]

Stalker Investigations and Protection Services


Has your stalker acted out in a course of conduct directed at you that would cause you to feel fear and to be unsafe? If that is your situation please call our Stalker investigations and Protective Services division immediately (310) 385- 8200. We can change your fear to feeling safe and secure. Stalking is a criminal offense. If you are a stalker victim, you have the right to pursue legal action against the person who is stalking you and to have law enforcement arrest your stalker under certain circumstances. We will protect you and do what is [...]