Estate Security Services

Worldwide Intelligence Network is one of the finest Estate Security and Bodyguard Services companies in Los Angeles. We have been protecting high-profile, high-net worth, celebrities, athletes, international entrepreneurs, foreign visitors to Los Angeles, and popular political commentators  for the past twenty-eight years.

Estate Security & Bodyguard Services

Upon meeting with a prospective Estate Security client, we offer a complimentary Risk Assessment of the estate which includes speaking with all the adult family members and the estate’s staff. It is essential for us to know if any of the family members or staff have ever been verbally or physically threatened and whether any unauthorized persons ever gained assess onto the estate grounds or the main residence.Our assessment will include a thorough examination of the estate’s perimeter, the estate grounds, accessibility to the primary residence and the proximity to main thoroughfares and community streets. Crime statistics will be obtained from the local police departments.  We will examine existing alarm system, CCTV cameras, safe rooms fire exits, electric or manual gates, guard house and all communications.  Upon being retained, and with the client’s permission we’ll ask to conduct an in-depth background investigation on all personnel working on the estate.

Bodyguards Assigned To Estate Security

Worldwide Intelligence Network’s Personal Protection Specialists assigned to Estate Security are former or off duty law enforcement officers, former dignitary protection agents for the United States Government, Military Veterans, and former Federal agents from America and around the globe.