Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing surveillance investigation services for over twenty–nine years. What is surveillance you may ask? The types of surveillance we offer are listed on this page. When selecting a Surveillance Investigation Service, you should look into their reputation and reviews. We are recognized as being among THE FIVE BEST PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN AMERICA by the publishers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker Magazines. A handful of our reviews are displayed below, and every one of them was written by “real clients.” We are located in Los Angeles, California, and New York City, New York.  We also developed excellent relationships with associate investigators all across the USA and around the world. We are positioned to assign outstanding professional surveillance investigators for your assignment. There are various types of surveillance investigations. We’re confident you will find  one that is right for you listed here.

  • Mobile surveillance is following a subject when they leave their home or office in their vehicle. The investigator will follow them from a safe distance but not be noticed by the subject. Mobile surveillance is an art and a delicate balancing act not to be seen. Realistically, very few private investigators have the experience and talent it takes unless they have been doing surveillance for years and maintained an excellent record of successful surveillance assignments. They also have to be a superb videographer, which takes years to perfect. Our private investigators have thousands of hours of field experience and have experienced just about every surveillance scenario imaginable, that’s what makes them professional surveillance investigators. Our investigator’s film video from the moment they start their assignment and going forward every hour on the hour, so you will know they were on your case during all the hours you requested.
  • Digital GPS Mobile Surveillance is accomplished by using a device known as a GPS Tracker. The Tracker fits into a sturdy waterproof case that has two powerful magnets that attach the Tracker under the frame of an automobile. Once the Tracker is turned on you will be able to see where the car is, how fast it is going, the route it is taking, and where it stops on your cell phone, laptop, iPad or desktop. If the car stops and starts for a minute or two, it’s likely stopped at a traffic light. Conversely, if it stops for a longer time, then the occupant may have gone into a market, retail establishment, a building, hotel or a residence. Businesses use GPS Trackers on company-owned cars to make sure their employees are not visiting competitors or if they are failing to show up at sales appointments.  Wives. lovers. spouses, and significant others will learn where their partner is at all times when they suspect they are unfaithful. GPS Trackers are a lot less expensive than hiring a private investigator but not quite as informative as to who their partner is meeting.
  •  Pedestrian surveillance is often applied in New York City because millions of people take the trains and buses for transportation, and the investigator’s only option is to surveil the subject on foot along a street, in a mall, inside of an office building or hotel. Knowing when to get in the same elevator with a subject to know who the subject is visiting is challenging and requires excellent timing and a keen sense of observation. Many of our New York surveillance assignments place us in the lobby of a huge office building or in a hotel on the same floor as the subject often across the hall from a subject’s hotel room. New York’s high rise buildings often have two or more entrances and exits, which must be observed by two or more surveillance investigators. If you live or work in New York, keep that in mind, when hiring a Private Surveillance Investigator.
  • Airial surveillance is conducted from a helicopter at a distance far enough away, so the subject does not realize they are the target of an airial surveillance. Helicopters are noisy; therefore, distance is essential but making sure the pilot has to make sure the investigator does not lose sight of their subject. Depending upon the topography and density of an area where the surveillance is taking place, drones can be deployed. The downside is, drones can be unstable due to a power failure, or insufficient height may cause the drone to crash into a tree or power lines. Should the drone’s video equipment fail, it cannot be fixed remotely, nor can a failure be immediately detected. Most of our helicopter pilots are prior law enforcement pilots.


All  of our surveillance investigators use state of the art video equipment.


Infidelity-Employee Malfeasance-Insurance Fraud-Dishonest Business Partners-Minor & Adult Children’s Activities

-Drug or Alcohol Abuse-Child Abuse & Neglect-Highjacking of Commercial Trucks and Vehicles

All surveillance investigations must be kept absolutely confidential. Not once in 29 years has a subject ever known they were being followed by one of Worldwide Intelligence Network’s surveillance investigators. After your surveillance investigation is over, you will be provided with a video or DVD to document everything our investigator filmed during the course of your investigation. You will also receive a detailed written report that will describe all of the events that took place during the surveillance.


“I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your professionalism is without question. I have used many investigative firms in the past in business when I need information regarding who I am doing business with. I have never used such a firm for personal matters and I must admin that your conduct goes so over and above what others can or are able to do. I walk from this knowing the following: That you are incredible and that I have actually made a new friend who cares about and understands feelings….This above anything else makes this difficult situation easier and makes me smile. Your advice has been invaluable and only through the pleasure of meeting you to say the words of thank you can I truly express my gratitude.” Mr. S.B., Ontario, Canada

I must admit that I was quite anxious and very apprehensive about calling a private investigator. I had conjured up a number of mental images consisting of creepy men in raincoats, fedora hats, wearing dark glasses with binoculars hangings from their necks.  My issue concerned a matter of infidelity whereby I had to determine if it was actually happening and I had to be assured of absolute confidentially because my significant other is a well-known public figure. My nerves quickly dissolved upon speaking with Barbara, the assistant director of the company.  She listened intently and immediately put me at ease because she understood how sensitive a matter this was for me. I retained her company to conduct a infidelity surveillance and at the conclusion of the surveillance assignment the information they obtained was absolutely incredible. All of my concerns were realized and documented by irrefutable video evidence.  Thanks to Worldwide Intelligence Network, I still sleep right beside my significant other who to this day remains true to our relationship. I would not hesitate to call upon Barbara, if I ever required the services of a private investigator. Nancy H. Boston, MA

“Notwithstanding your last minute retention, you immediately grasped the rather complicated legal principles in issue in this first impression criminal trademark case. You appeared in court well prepared, and were the best ‘second chair’ I have ever had the privilege to work with.– Phillip M Prince, Attorney at Law”

“Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC retained Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network (“WIN”) to provide risk assessment, residential security design, and implementation and personal protection for Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen for a nine-month period in 2002-2003. During that period, personal security and advance security preparations were performed in Los Angeles, Rome, Australia, and Mexico with no adverse security incidents occurring.-Gary S Rattet Dual Entertainment Group LLC”

“It would take a book, rather than a letter, to do justice to your achievements and adequately describe your personal contributions as a fact analyzer, case energizer, attorney inspirer, and truth seeker.-Martin R Pollner Loeb & Loeb”

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for your services. When my son had run away from home last summer, I feared I would not see him again. Thanks to you and your work, we were able to reunite within days and work out whatever issues had surfaced. Manny and Elena Gonzalez Florida”

“The client and I are extraordinarily gratified and pleased by all of the services you performed…you went above and beyond a typical private investigator’s call of duty – Douglas E Mirell Loeb and Loeb”


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