Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing surveillance investigation services for over twenty–nine years. We achieved our stellar reputation as being among the most successful Los Angeles and New York surveillance investigation companies. There are basically three kinds of surveillance operations.

  • Mobile surveillance is following a subject in their vehicle. If the investigator remains too far back from a subject’s vehicle it almost guarantees the subject will be lost in traffic. Staying too close to the subject’s vehicle will inevitably alert the subject they are being followed. Surveillance is an art form and delicate balancing act. Realistically it is a talent very few private investigators possess. Worldwide Intelligence Network is among the best in the country.
  • Pedestrian surveillance is initiated when the investigator is required to follow the subject on foot along a street, in a mall, inside of an office building or hotel. Knowing when to get into the same elevator with a subject to know who the subject is visiting is challenging and requires excellent timing and a keen sense of observation. Many of our surveillance assignments place us in the lobby of a hotel or in a room on the same floor as the subject or across the hall from the subject’s room.
  • Arial surveillance is usually conducted from a helicopter and at a distance far enough away so the subject does not realize they are the target of the Arial surveillance. Helicopters are noisy so distance is essential providing the investigator has eyes on the subject. Depending upon the topography and density of the area where the surveillance is taking place drones can be used but are fairly risky and unstable due to a power failure, insufficient height that may cause a crash into a tree or electrical wire. Should the video equipment fail it cannot be remotely fixed nor can it be immediately detected. Most of our helicopter pilots flew for law enforcement agencies.

All three surveillance activities require state of the art video equipment.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is ranked among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications. The Better Business Bureau rates us A+ and Angie’s List rates Worldwide Intelligence Network with five stars. We invite you to please read our testimonials.

Worldwide Intelligence Network’s licensed surveillance investigators are situated in every metropolitan city in the world. These men and woman have thousands of hours of surveillance experience and are well-versed in the laws governing surveillance. Our investigators have never committed an unlawful act of trespass, invasion of privacy or stalking and they have testified in numerous court cases where they have presented their surveillance videos to authenticate that they took the video presented.

Clients should know that all surveillance investigations are absolutely confidential and not once in 25 years has a subject ever known they were being followed by one of Worldwide Intelligence Network’s surveillance investigators.

At the conclusion of your surveillance investigation you will be provided with video or a DVD to document everything our investigator videotaped during the course of your investigation from the beginning to the end. You will also receive a detailed written report that will describe all of the events that took place during the surveillance. The most often requested reasons for surveillance assignments are:

  • Infidelity
  • Employee Malfeasance
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Dishonest Business Partners
  • Minor & Adult Child Activities
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • High Jacking of Commercial Trucks and Vehicles

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