Perhaps you heard from your family or friends who are all in your contact folder that they saw your private photos or videos posted on Social Media without your knowledge or consent. How did someone get those photos or videos off of your device?

If you believe you are a victim of Cyberstalking, and you suspect that your electronic device(s) such as your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or iPad has been compromised either by someone you suspect or by someone you do not know. There is a professional method available for you to confirm without a shadow of a doubt if you are or are not a victim of cyberstalking. Our team of Digital Forensic Specialists will inspect your device(s) from top to bottom using state-of-the-art digital forensic equipment that enables them to determine if malware is installed in your device. Our cyber investigation experts will professionally gather digital evidence to present to Law Enforcement to demonstrate how a cyber-stalker has victimized you.

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We will analyze the character of your cyber-stalker to figure out what is their objective. Does he/she want you to pay them money to rid yourself of their stalking? Is the cyber-stalker jealous of you or your lifestyle? Is he/she an ex-lover or a devious co-worker or employee? Our Private Investigators and Digital Forensic Specialists work closely together to examine all aspects of your cyberstalking incidents. First, and foremost we will answer that critical question of yours which is “can we identify whether your device(s) has been compromised.” The answer is a resounding YES. Should we confirm that your device has been compromised, we will provide you with the digital evidence you will need to get Law Enforcement involved. Cyber harassment is illegal and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You will also be presented with written investigative report by a qualified cyber investigation specialist stating our findings.

Cyber stalking is a pattern of behavior over time when a stalker seeks to gain access to, or control over, a victim. Such actions range from benign to malicious and may cause emotional distress or harm to the victim.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time to spend with anyone seeking free digital forensic advice. We are working around the clock to rid our clients of digital stalkers, con artists, and those who violate their privacy.

Here is a List of Our Cyber Investigation Services

Cyber Stalking / Unauthorized Remote Access

  • Image your phone to detect malware and unauthorized applications
  • Identify all wireless networks and devices connected to your phone
  • Identity all user accounts on your phone


  • We performed forensic analysis on a Client’s mobile phone, laptop, and electronic devices for signs of alleged remote monitoring.
  • The Client was concerned that an unknown party was remotely monitoring her cell phone. We imaged the Client’s phone, took the disk to our lab, ran a malware scan, identified all installed applications, databases, network activity; was unable to find any evidence of remote monitoring. Client put at ease.
  • The Client alleged spouse was monitoring their phone and “could see my photos.” Imaged phone, ran malware scan, identified all databases and network activity, reviewed installed applications – no evidence was found of remote monitoring. We determined the Client was a member of her spouse’s “Family Sharing Plan,” which allowed him to view all of her photos. We advised the Client to switch phone providers to end the problem.
  • A Client alleged her phone was being monitored and harassed b her ex-boyfriend. We confirmed that the Client filed a police report with the local Police Department. We imaged her phone, took the disk to our lab, and we ran a malware scanner. We successfully identified several applications, databases, and network activity that indicated unauthorized remote access. A phone copy dump was obtained. We prepared a written report for the Client, and she presented the phone copy evidence and report to her local Police Department.

Cyber Stalking Indicators

  • A Stalker can contact you either by phone, text, or email.
  • Your private photos and information are unlawfully disseminated to friends and family.
  • Sent you messages taunting you with knowledge of your private activity.
  • Posted photos of you online (or threatened to post photos of you online).


  • Get GPS information on your spouse’s location
  • Get a report of all text messages and contacts on your spouse’s phone
  • Get a report of Social Media Direct Messages “DM’s” (Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook messenger, Viber, and more) in your spouse’s phone
  • Get a report of all Internet Activity on your spouse’s computer
  • Obtain audio (.mp3 files) of your spouse’s voicemail messages
  • Receive a copy of all photos and videos saved to your spouse’s phone
  • Recover deleted photos and videos (depending on Operating System version and device)
  • Recover deleted text messages from your spouse’s phone (depending on Operating System version and device)


  • Per attorney, imaged all community property desktop and laptop computers owned by Client’s business, are co-owned with the spouse.
  • Imaged spouse’s mobile phone, laptop, and desktop computer (community property) per attorney

Parental Controls

  • Get a report of all Internet Activity on your child’s computer
  • Get GPS information on your child’s location
  • Get a report of all text messages and contacts on your child’s phone
  • Get a report of Social Media Direct Messages “DM’s” (Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook messenger, Viber, and more) in your child’s phone
  • Receive a copy of all photos and videos saved to your child’s phone
  • Recover deleted photos and videos (depending on Operating System version and device) from your child’s phone
  • Recover deleted text messages (depending on Operating System version and device) from your child’s phone


  • The Client had a teenager allegedly posting photos and videos of inappropriate behavior on Instagram and Snap Chat applications. Parents confiscated the phone; however, the photos and videos had been deleted. The phone was delivered to our lab, and we were able to use iCloud to recover the deleted photos and videos in question. We also assisted in creating remote monitoring solution for parents.
  • The Client has a teenager that allegedly sent a threatening message on an Instagram direct message. The Client confiscated the teenager’s cell phone, but the teenager deleted the messages. The Client delivered that cell phone to our lab. We were able to retrieve the deleted messages.

Data Recovery

  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Recover accidentally deleted photos and videos
  • Recover documents, pictures, videos, internet browsing history, email, and other information deleted by the user
  • Recover data from accidentally reformatted/damaged hard drives


  • The Client lost several passwords and account numbers of significant financial value when a ‘Note’ was deleted on the Client’s iPhone. We were able to recover all deleted notes from iPhone.
  • The Client forgot the password to their Mac laptop containing critical business data. Unable to reset password due to iCloud error. After research, testing, and troubleshooting, successfully fixed iCloud error via command terminal and reset password.

Professional Services

  • Backup your Email (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Office365, Outlook, etc.)
  • Desktop Computer /Laptop/Smart Phone/Tablet Forensic Collection & Analysis
  • Password Recovery / Password Reset help
  • Employer Investigations
  • Malware Scan & Malware Remediation on your computer/smartphone
  • We assist probate attorneys, trust attorneys, estate planners, executors, beneficiaries, and successor trustees in gaining access to financial documents, accounts, and backups


  • A Client’s family member passed away. The password to the decedent’s Mac laptop was unknown. We successfully imaged and extracted all user data from the laptop without a password.
  • An accounting employee allegedly used a work computer to embezzle Company funds. They imaged a workstation computer. The computer contained banking records.
  • We imaged an employee’s smartphone to identify text messages, emails, photos, and other communications related to the authorized use of the Client’s IP.
  • We also imaged over a dozen desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, and external hard drives to identify any evidence of alleged exfiltration of trade secrets.
  • A lawsuit was filed against the employer. We collected cell phone data and email accounts for preservation purposes.
  • The Judge appointed us to image cell phones and provide the court with all text messages between the two parties.


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