Private Investigations

Private investigators are professionals who use a number of investigative techniques to gather accurate information on a person or subject matter. They must have a keen eye and excellent observation skills as well as an analytical mind to put all of the pieces together.

Often referred to as private detectives, these highly trained individuals must be licensed to practice within the state they work. They can work either as a full time employee or on a contract/project basis with local private detective agencies, law firms, police departments and other organizations.

Worldwide Intelligence Network has over 28 years of experience providing top quality private investigation services in both New York and Los Angeles. Over 80% of our business is repeat customers or referrals. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients and respectably helping through  a really difficult time.

If you have never contacted a private investigator before, please do not feel nervous or uncomfortable. We are excellent listeners and will help walk you through the entire process with patience and understanding. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed with the upmost professionalism and we will help you reach your desired objectives.

Below are a few blog posts we’ve written full of experience and tips on Private Investigation Services.

9 12, 2016

(Updated)Tips on Hiring a Private Detective

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In a world fraught with deception; scams, hacking, misinformation, fraud, criminal conduct and infidelity one might find themselves seeking the help of a private investigator also known as a private detective and PI. This article is intended to enlighten anyone seeking the services of a private investigator and what they should be aware of before hiring a Private Detective. Know this! Not All Pi’s are qualified. Confidentiality Is Imperative Before discussing a situation with a Private Detective, it is advisable to ask whether the discussion with them will remain private and confidential. The PI should make it abundantly clear that anything discussed [...]