Confirming Infidelity: Are You Delusional or is Your Partner Cheating on You?

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IS YOUR PARTNER A CHEATER? Learn how to confirm infidelity in your relationship   Robert Mann, Author Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network A Full Service Private Investigation & Bodyguard Services Company You have an uncomfortable feeling that your life’s partner is unfaithful to you and that they are cheating. You made up your mind to confront your partner and asked if they are unfaithful. Your partner replied, “are you delusional?” You expected a denial but not such a harsh response. That answer moves you closer to contemplating severing the relationship knowing it will break your heart not to [...]

(Updated)Beware of Phony Creditor Calls Asking for Payment

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There is a new and very ugly scam being perpetrated upon hundreds if not thousands of Americans across the country by low life’s seeking to steal hard earned money and savings from uninformed individuals who are randomly selected by the scammer thieves. These thieves will call and identify themselves as a creditor who is owed money. They will tell their victims that a police report has been filed for failure to pay their debt and a subpoena will be served upon them in a matter of minutes if they don’t issue payment within 24 hours. The calls will be consistent [...]

(Updated)Cheating and Infidelity–Catching Cheaters

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It’s quite clear that you would not have searched and found our website unless you had an uneasy feeling about your life’s partner being unfaithful to you. Perhaps you were upfront and honest when you approached your partner about your infidelity suspicions and what you heard in return was that you’re delusional. So, where do you go from there? You undoubtedly have thought about the alternatives of what it would be like to break up your relationship. You might feel it would be very lonely without your partner and on the other hand, you will ask yourself could you continue [...]