A bodyguard acts as protection or personal security for individuals such as politicians, celebrities, business executives, government officials or other individuals who may be in danger.

A personal bodyguard will travel with their clients to public events and will escort them to each of their daily activities. A bodyguard may also look into the backgrounds of the individuals their clients come in contact with on a daily basis, research and plan safe travel routes, alternate routines, as well as pre-secure buildings and vehicles their client may utilize.

Bodyguards can either work alone or as part of a larger security team. They can operate as an individual contractor or as part of a larger security agency. Bodyguards are trained to protect and defend their clients in a variety of situations and are often either former military or police officers. Their specialized training allows them to protect their clients from kidnapping, assassination, harassment, thefts, assault, and many other criminal offences.

Worldwide Intelligence Network has over 28 years of experience providing the highest quality bodyguard services in both New York and Los Angeles. All of our bodyguards have passed a rigorous training test and follow quality standards that exceed the norms of the industry. We are able to offer both armed and unarmed security as the situation warrants. If you feel that you are in need of a bodyguard or protection services, please contact us today! Your safety is our number one concern!

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22 11, 2018

Why The Bodyguard Is Important

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Can you imagine how terrorizing it is to know someone out there is seeking to harm you or your loved ones? Who can you trust to protect you and your family? You would need someone who has been trained and has the skills and experience to keep you and your family safe no matter what the risk is. Yes, it would be a top-notch Bodyguard. Bodyguards are not only for the rich and famous. When you see a Bodyguard walking alongside their client, you might not know what tasks the Bodyguard dealt with before that walk takes place. The first [...]