Executive level background checks encompass a much deeper level of intelligence gathering. These involve such tasks as in-person interviews with former employers and/or associates, financial institutions, prior business partners, family and friends. Plateaus of an executive level investigation involve international media searches, global credit reports, nationwide and worldwide asset searches. They also include an exhaustive search on multiple domestic and foreign legal filings that vary from state to state and country to country.

Our expertise includes investigations of potential and current high-level executives in multinational corporations as well as key personnel, partners, investors and principals involved in a merger and acquisition.

Individuals can research a business on the internet and learn a great deal, but the majority of information found online tends to be inaccurate, meaningless and dated. Are you willing to invest your hard earned money in a business or partnership based on unreliable data?

When is the right time to conduct a background investigation on someone or a company you are contemplating going into a business transaction with?

The answer is simply before you enter into the transaction. Nearly every request we receive asking us to locate assets in anticipation of a law suit over a failed business venture could have been prevented had our client or his attorney asked us to conduct an executive level background investigation on the principals involved. Mergers and acquisitions involving millions, even billions, of dollars occasionally go forward without background investigations on the principals. Think about how fortunate you would be if you saved yourself from a disastrous business deal just because you had the presence of mind to ask Worldwide Intelligence Network to conduct an executive level background investigation. Do not allow yourself to get emotionally caught up and overly excited over what appears to be a great business venture. Get the background intelligence before you leap into that venture.

Find out the real facts with a thorough business background investigation performed by our international team of specialists.