Worldwide Intelligence Network has been conducting intellectual property infringement investigations for the past 29 years working in conjunction with confidential resources in nearly every metropolitan city in the world. Many of our investigators are former government agents and detectives.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

A Breach of Intellectual Property such as Counterfeiting or Piracy requires expert investigators with years of experience along with highly placed confidential sources to uncover the source of the unlawful exploitation of protected intellectual property. For nearly three decades Worldwide Intelligence Network has conducted a multitude of intellectual property and copyright infringement investigations covering a wide range of products. Our record of success is quite remarkable. We have superb investigative resources in South East Asia, China, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Mexico, India, Africa, Israel and the Caribbean. Our associate investigators are specialists in counterfeit investigations and we have maintained a long relationship predicated upon integrity and results.

Intellectual Property – Copyright Infringement 29 successful years Investigating Piracy WorldwideThese are some of the intellectual property infringement cases we investigated on behalf of our law firm clients:

  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Film
  • Apparel
  • Perfume
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Jewelry
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Auto Parts
  • Electronics
  • Tobacco

Worldwide Intelligence Network’s primary focus is identifying the source and distribution of counterfeit goods. We work closely with the authorities wherever and whenever possible to terminate the exportation of counterfeit merchandise flowing into the USA. Our team of investigators focuses on brand exploitation as advertised on illicit and unauthorized websites. When necessary we imbed undercover investigators into the infringer’s place of operation. There men and women specialize in this area and they know their tradecraft quite well.

Specialization in Anti-Counterfeit Investigations

To protect the integrity of a company’s brand, Worldwide Intelligence Network conducts a comprehensive global anti-counterfeit investigation that at times has lead to multiple counterfeit operations in one or more countries. Many of our investigators are former federal investigators whom worked for and with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). We are fortunate to have a unique integral investigative team along with highly respected lawyers devoted to stemming the production of counterfeit goods in China.

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Our Director Robert Mann is a qualified provider of the California State Bar’s MCLE program and has presented numerous seminars on intellectual property infringement.