Background checks are ​​essential in acquiring relevant data that supports the successful outcome of litigation.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

1. Lead private investigator and director of operations for Worldwide Intelligence Network, Robert Mann, is a qualified provider of the California State Bar who is authorized to present Continuing Minimum Legal Education (MCLE) seminars to practicing Attorneys and their firms. Background checks are so important that the first topic taught in these seminars is their significance in helping clients know exactly who they are getting involved with when seeking to solidify a professional or personal relationship with.

2. Worldwide Intelligence Network has conducted hundreds of background checks over the past 23 years. During this time, we have provided litigation support for basic to highly complex matters.

3. We perform a comprehensive executive level, pre-employment, personal and business background investigation for the subject(s) you need to know more about, based on exceptional confidential sources that are located in almost every metropolitan city in the world.

For these reasons, your firm can be ensured that you’ll receive logical, accurate and relevant support for your cases in a swift manner, based on our advanced investigative methods. We perform reliable background checks for your litigations that are based on extensive investigations that are lawful.