Case Study

The following stories are of Worldwide Intelligence Network clients. They contacted us to help them resolve issues that they could not do so on their own.

16 11, 2019

Identify Thieves Caught And Imprisoned

2020-03-25T07:36:40-07:00November 16th, 2019|

STOLEN CREDIT CARDS A gentleman we’ll name John (not his real name) called us to explain that he had made his weekly visit to his local Post Office Box to pick up his mail. Upon his arrival in the Post Office, he noticed his and several other PO Boxes had been broken into. THE VICTIM John reported the break- in to the Post Office manager, and the local Sheriff. John was understandably upset due to the fact that the Sheriff had not made much of an attempt to find who broke into the Post Office Boxes for about two months. [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: Private Investigator Locates Runaway Child

2019-11-07T13:50:12-08:00April 11th, 2015|

We are licensed California and New York Private Investigators who assist clients find their runaway children for the past twenty-six years. We enjoy a favorable success rate and are familiar with various reasons that cause children to runaway. This is a short case study of one of our investigations where we found a young runaway boy. It is heartbreaking to receive a call from a frantic parent saying that they want us to find their child who ran away. The following is a true story about an eleven-year-old boy in California who became upset at his parents and ran away. The [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: ATM Robbery

2019-01-25T06:18:36-08:00April 11th, 2015|

This was a challenging investigation of an ATM robbery located in a grocery store was broken into on Father’s Day 2013. Occurring in the early morning hours just before the store opened for business, the police were called to investigate but though they took a report, they hadn’t made any progress in recovering the money or the thieves. The owner of the ATM machine called us to determine who may have broken into the ATM. There were no signs of forced entry, such as broken windows or doors, so it had to be someone who had access to the grocery [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: Lindsay Protects Herself From a Stalker

2020-03-25T07:34:06-07:00April 11th, 2015|

How Lindsay protects herself from a stalker. We received a call from Janet (not her real name) about her daughter, Lindsay (not her real name). Lindsay was a young adult who had been receiving very graphic, violent and disturbing text messages and emails from an anonymous person. Lindsay lived with her significant other (a female). They were both terrified by the verbiage in the texts and emails. Feeling extremely threatened and in fear for their lives, they both eventually resigned from their soccer team and never returned to the practice field. The reason they discontinued playing on the team was [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: Elizabeth’s Experience With A Cheating Husband

2022-10-26T06:52:12-07:00April 11th, 2015|

Elizabeth‘s experience with a cheating husband story goes like this. We recently conducted an infidelity investigation for Elizabeth (not her real name). Elizabeth told us that her husband was very cruel and verbally abusive, constantly telling her that she was old and ugly. Her husband eventually moved out of the family home and left her and his three children. Elizabeth was devastated when she met us.  She asked us to help her identify who the other woman was. The doorman at her husband's apartment building gave her a license plate number of the alleged other woman's car. We ran a check on [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: Finding Peter

2019-11-07T13:50:34-08:00April 11th, 2015|

We recently received a call from the father of a teenage son, Peter (not his real name). Peter hadn't been heard from in over 48 hours, and his father was anxious so he called us to help find him. Peter was 18 years old and lived alone in Santa Monica, California. He had no relatives, girlfriend or friends the father could call upon to find his whereabouts. The young man's father told us that he had tried calling Peter's cell phone but it constantly went to voicemail. He was missing. Within 48 hours, we found Peter through the use of our [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: Protecting the Safety of a Female Celebrity

2020-03-25T07:34:37-07:00April 11th, 2015|

A day protecting the safety of a female celebrity. Oh how glamorous it appears, watching all the beautiful people parading down the red carpet, dressed to the nines. They all look deliriously happy to be on the red carpet because that is a symbol of artistic success. However, what might have transpired prior to their arrival might paint an entirely different picture as to how they really feel. Celebrities, in spite of their outward appearance, have more than their share of anxiety about the safety of themselves and their family. Such was one case we handled for a hugely successful, underage [...]

11 04, 2015

Case Study: The “Injured Foot”

2019-01-25T06:18:36-08:00April 11th, 2015|

Insurance companies retain private investigators to conduct surveillance investigations when they suspect a claimant might have filed a fraudulent claim. This is considered worker's compensation fraud. Worldwide Intelligence Network was assigned a case to surveil a claimant who alleged a severe injury to his foot that made him incapable of work. Having had an accepted claim, he had been off from work for over a year. When we started the investigation for the insurance examiner, he was still off from work. The insurance examiner suspected fraud due to a report issued by an independent medical doctor. The report stated that nothing [...]

11 04, 2015

Infidelity Surveillance: A Case Study

2022-10-26T06:52:05-07:00April 11th, 2015|

Sometimes a cheating spouse case improves a marriage and here is a case study of infidelity surveillance that saved a marriage. Her husband was caught cheating by our surveillance team and if you expect to hear what a disaster their marriage turned out to be hold on tight because you may not believe how this case study worked out. A very calm and intelligent sounding woman called our office to ask about our infidelity surveillance services. She explained that she had recently seen her husband's American Express bill listing charges from all of the cities he traveled to for business, including Los [...]