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We understand how awkward it can be for you to contact an Infidelity Investigator in Los Angeles to help you know for sure if your significant other, husband or wife is cheating on you.  Coming to terms with the possibility of betrayal is devastating, heart breaking and it can also break your spirit.

You find yourself questioning whether it’s your imagination. Not knowing the truth is terribly disruptive in your life. Above all else your piece of mind is priceless. Trust is the most important aspect in a relationship and to assure yourself that your bond remains strong you should know without a shadow of doubt whether your significant other is being unfaithful. You may rest assured that our Infidelity Investigators in Los Angeles will, catch your cheating husband, wife or significant other and see it all captured on video. 

You deserve to know whether the person you love turned into a cheater, an adulterer, a liar or an entirely different person altogether. Our Infidelity Investigators in Los Angeles are superb in this area of investigations. Each one of them is a hand picked  investigative specialists in infidelity, adultery surveillance investigations.

Client Testimonials

I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your professionalism is without question. I have used many investigative firms in the past in business when I need information regarding who I am doing business with. I have never used such a firm for personal matters and I must admin that your conduct goes so over and above what others can or are able to do. I walk from this knowing the following: That you are incredible and that I have actually made a new friend who cares about and understands feelings….This above anything else makes this difficult situation easier and makes me smile. Your advice has been invaluable and only through the pleasure of meeting you to say the words of thank you can I truly express my gratitude.  Mr. S.B., Ontario, Canada

With the service we received from Worldwide, not only did we feel our CEO and artists were protected but each employee felt safe and comfortable. Worldwide provided professional and experienced agents who proactively secured our safety and made all of us feel at ease. –Stephanie Stilwell, Irvin Naturals

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for your services. When my son had run away from home last summer, I feared I would not see him again. Thanks to you and your work, we were able to reunite within days and work out whatever issues had surfaced. Manny and Elena Gonzalez

Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC retained Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network (“WIN”) to provide investigative services, risk assessment, residential security design, and implementation and personal protection for Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen from 2002-2003.During that period, personal security and advance security preparations were performed in Los Angeles, Rome, Australia, and Mexico with no adverse security incidents occurring. Gary S Rattet Dual Entertainment Group LLC

As a busy physician, it was critical that I minimize the impact to my clinic. In order to do this, I needed to engage someone who I could trust to handle my situation expeditiously. Mr. Mann demonstrated great professionalism and expertise in his field that gave me great confidence in his abilities.-Alex S Carcamo, MD

I write to reiterate my appreciation for the outstanding private detective work and litigation support  that contributed to the dismissal, at trial, of all charges against our client in the bribery case of U.S. v Mullen et al.(handled out of our Los Angeles office). Your investigative deductions regarding the bogus nature of key government records proved correct, and your identification of the authorship of the handwriting on the critical, so-called “anonymous complaint” was instrumental in establishing the dishonesty of the case agent up whose testimony the government had centered its prosecution.– John Lang, Loeb & Loeb LP  

Notwithstanding your last minute retention, you immediately grasped the rather complicated legal principles in issue in this first impression criminal trademark case. You appeared in court well prepared, and were the best ‘second chair’ I have ever had the privilege to work with.– Phillip M Prince, Attorney at Law

I recall on three separate investigations you made major contributions for our New York City clients. Your private detective investigations on an international litigation matter and the location of a significant witness immediately assisted us in obtaining a most positive result. Your finding of sequestered documents during a California matter resulted in extraordinary evidence for our client, and your location of substantial sums in hidden assets helped us to convince the defendants to agree to a favorable settlement.Martin R Pollner Attorney at Law

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Infidelity Investigator in Los Angeles Advantage

Worldwide Intelligence Network’s infidelity investigators in Los Angeles have conducted hundreds of infidelity, cheater investigations over the past twenty-eight years and are ranked among the five best private investigators in America by the publishers of Vanity Fair and Vogue . We understand how vitally important it is for  you to know you hired a first rate Infidelity Investigator in Los Angeles who you can count on to be absolutely discreet and maintain complete confidentiality. Worldwide Intelligence Network can and will assure you of that.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful. When you break the rules of integrity you invite serious complications into your life. Keep life simple and enjoyable by doing what you know in your heart is right.”

Worldwide Intelligence Network is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List rates us with five stars. For additional information about us please read our testimonials.

What Should you expect from your Infidelity Investigator in Los Angeles?

The infidelity investigator in Los Angeles assigned to your case will have thousands of hours of surveillance experience and will be thoroughly briefed about your investigative objective. Your infidelity investigator’s vehicle will be inconspicuous to your spouse, partner or significant other herein described as “the subject” being surveilled. State of the art video equipment will be used to capture the subject’s activity.

At the conclusion of your infidelity investigation you will be provided with a date and time stamped video of the investigation that will have documented everything our investigator videotaped during the course of your investigation.

You will also receive a detailed written report that will describe all of the events that took place during the surveillance often included will be still photos.

Infidelity Surveillance Investigator, Infidelity Investigator in Los Angeles

How Infidelity Investigators in Los Angeles Work

Rest assured, all of our infidelity investigations in Los Angeles are kept absolutely confidential. Not once in 25 years has an infidelity subject known they were being followed by our investigators. We will ask you for a recent photo of the subject and the address where they work. If you know their daily routine we would like that information.

We’ll ask you for the make, model and color of the subject’s car and the time the subject leaves home in the morning and the time they return home. The answers to these questions will greatly assist us in the success of your investigation. Should we witness the subject coming into contact with another person who appears to be someone they are involved with, we will videotape that person and we’ll make a concerted effort to identify that person.

Anything you know or suspect about your spouse, partner or significant other being involved with someone else, is important to share we us. The more we know from you the better the surveillance will go.

Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles are not only about Surveillance

You may have information about someone your spouse, partner or significant other is involved with. Now you would like to know everything you can about that person no matter where in the world they were born or lived.

You are concerned about the subject spending community funds on that other person. You may be concerned about your children being around the subject’s new purported love. We will obtain all available information on that person and we will present you with a detailed intelligence report.

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