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Ranked as the Best Expert Private Investigators in Los Angeles, we understand it may be somewhat awkward for you to contact an Infidelity Private Investigator to know for certain if your significant other, husband, wife or partner is cheating on you.  Coming to terms with the possibility of betrayal is devastating, heart breaking, and it can also break your spirit. You find yourself questioning whether it’s your imagination. Not knowing the truth is terribly disruptive. Above all else your peace of mind is priceless. Trust is the most important component in a relationship, and to assure yourself that your bond remains strong you should know without a shadow of doubt whether your significant other is cheating on you. Rest assured  we as your Los Angeles Infidelity Private Investigator will catch your partner cheating should it come to that, and it will all be captured on video. You deserve to know whether the person you love turned into a cheating, adulterer, a liar or an entirely different person altogether. Our Infidelity  Private Investigators are specialists with thousands of hours of field experience conducting infidelity, adultery and cheating partners surveillance investigations. The publishers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, House and Garden magazines “ranked us among the Five Best Private Infidelity Investigators in America because we’ve seen a thing or two and we know a thing or two.”  The Better Business Bureau rates us A+. Not to worry we have your back and we’ll find the truth for you!

Client Testimonials

I must admit that I was quite anxious and very apprehensive about calling a private investigator. I had conjured up a number of mental images consisting of creepy men in raincoats, fedora hats, wearing dark glasses with binoculars hangings from their necks.  My issue concerned a matter of infidelity whereby I had to determine if it was actually happening and I had to be assured of absolute confidentially because my significant other is a well-known public figure. My nerves quickly dissolved upon speaking with Barbara, the assistant director of the company.  She listened intently and immediately put me at ease because she understood how sensitive a matter this was for me. I retained her company to conduct a infidelity surveillance and at the conclusion of the surveillance assignment the information they obtained was absolutely incredible. All of my concerns were realized and documented by irrefutable video evidence.  Thanks to Worldwide Intelligence Network, I still sleep right beside my significant other who to this day remains true to our relationship. I would not hesitate to call upon Barbara, if I ever required the services of a private investigator. Nancy H. Boston, MA

Robert Mann has been an incredible resource and guide through an extremely trying time for our family. We contacted Robert when we became the victims of a stalker whose erratic behavior accelerated very quickly and we had to leave, essentially, our lives behind. Robert answered every question and every phone call, his diligence and expertise is not something you come across often. From personal protection, to discreet moving services, to helping us scout new locations and apartments to live in- Robert and his associate Chris have been absolute, consummate professionals. They both have a wealth of real life experience protecting the safety of others. Every avenue was considered, which, as people who had never had experienced this terrible kind of privacy invasion, we had never even thought of. I highly recommend Robert Mann and the services of WINCOR to anyone who needs protection and experience in security. Thank you Robert. – Jacqueline L.

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How Our Infidelity Investigators Work

All infidelity investigations are kept absolutely confidential. Not once in 29 years has an infidelity suspect known they were being followed by our investigators. We will ask you for a recent photo of  your partner, about their daily routines. We’ll ask you for the make, model and color of  their car, and the time they usually leave home and return home. Should we witness your partner coming into contact with a person who appears to be someone they are involved with, we’ll videotape that meeting, and we will make a concerted effort to identify that person for you. Anything you know or suspect about your spouse, partner or significant other being involved with someone is important to share we us. The more you tell us about your partner the better the surveillance will go.

What to expect from your Infidelity Private Investigator

Your infidelity investigator will be thoroughly briefed about your investigative objectives. Their surveillance vehicle will be inconspicuous to your partner. State of the art video equipment will be used to capture your partner’s activity. At the conclusion of your investigation you will receive a date and time stamped video that documented everything your investigator videotaped during the course of your investigation. You will also receive a detailed written report that will describe all of the events that took place during the surveillance, and photos will often be included in your report.

Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles are not only about Surveillance

As an adjunct to your surveillance report, and if requested by you we will conduct a detailed in-depth background investigation on the person your partner is involved with. We imagine you may also be concerned about your community funds being spent on that person. In addition, you may not care for your children to be involved with your partner’s paramour. We will gather background information on that person,and present you with a detailed Background Report.

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