Employee theft ArrestYou worked for years building your business into what it is today and you have been good to your employees. Yet you learned that one or more of your employees are stealing from you and you cannot figure out who they are. You wonder is it only one or are there more than one employee working with accomplices outside of your business. Employee misconduct investigations services is what we provide to business owners to stop theft that hinders productivity levels, company morale, and the safety of the overall work environment. It can also negatively impact your company’s reputation and increase the risk of litigation.

How Worldwide Intelligence Network Stops Employee Misconduct

Worldwide Intelligence Network offers small to large businesses, privately held and public corporations the services of our experienced senior employee misconduct investigators many of whom are former police detectives and government agents. With over twenty-five years’ experience conducting employee misconduct and malfeasance investigations we found seven keys areas that should be examined when considering employee misconduct.

  1. Improving organizational culture: WIN works closely with your company’s Human Resources department to implement policies and procedures that create and maintain an environment that fosters proper conduct.
  2. Choosing the right employees: We conduct state of the art interviews to select the right candidates for available positions (these same tactics are utilized by Worldwide Intelligence Network in selecting the members for their own investigation team). We conduct in-depth (rather than cheap out of date ER databases) background checks on current and future employees to ensure that none of them have a history of misconduct.
  3. When employee theft is suspected: we initiate surveillance to either confirm or dispel suspicions. Worldwide Intelligence Network applies unique techniques to conduct covert surveillance on the employees without being noticed. Actual theft will be documented with a date and time stamped video that can be presented in a court of law as evidence.
  4. Terminate the hijacking of company materials: Worldwide Intelligence Network can help your business reclaim its rightful property and establish policies to prevent further infractions of the law. We work closely with the Cargo Criminal Apprehension Team (CATS), an investigative unit of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.
  5. Stop and prevent theft: Theft costs companies billions of dollars every year, whether it is routine pilferage or massive embezzlement. Monitoring employees as well as tracking property and money is put into play by our investigative team to detect who the perpetrator(s) are to and compile evidence that can be used against them in a court of law.
  6. Identification of drug/alcohol abuse: Our undercover investigators will identity the use of and/or the sale of illicit drugs in the workplace and they will uncover those who are drinking alcohol in the workplace. While at the same time innocent employees will be noted for the owners or principals of the business to prevent those employees from being accused and or abused by the perpetrators because they did not wish to participate in those illegal activities.
  7. Monitoring terminated employees: According to a recent survey conducted for Symantec Corporation, 1 out of 2 people who left their jobs or were terminated take confidential information with them, which could be used by competitors. We monitor the behavior of employees who will be leaving the company for a short period of time to ensure that does not happen. Worldwide Intelligence Network will, in concert with your company, consult with your Labor Lawyers as to what constitutes a reasonable search of an employee’s computer and work area prior to their termination.

Employee Theft: a Case Study

A client’s merchandise failed to arrive at his customer’s place of business after being driven there by one of his drivers. The client and his foreman checked their stock room to see if the merchandise was inadvertently left behind. It was not. The client replaced the missing merchandise for his customer. Weeks later the same thing happened but this time the client was certain it was not a mistake. One of his drivers was stealing. The client had five delivery trucks and five drivers.

Worldwide Intelligence Network was asked to conduct an investigation to ascertain who was stealing from the client. Worldwide Intelligence Network recommended the initiation of surveillance on all five drivers and with the client’s approval GPS tracking devices were covertly installed on each truck. All five of the surveillance investigators filmed video at every stop made by the drivers. The GPS tracker provides live monitoring of every stop the drivers made and it provides the addresses.

After several days of surveillance one of the drivers made a stop at a 7/11 and began transferring large amounts of merchandise off his truck into a waiting van. The driver was arrested upon his return to the client’s warehouse and word quickly spread among the client’s employees that one of their co-workers was arrested. The client had immediately established a precedent that his company is very aggressive and proactive in countering theft. The police asked Worldwide Intelligence Network for the original video taken during the commission of the crime to be used as evidence in court. Case closed! There is a major crimes division within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that investigates and seeks prosecution against those who commit cargo theft.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse: a Case Study

The CEO of a large company was advised that an anonymous whistle blower emailed his Human Resource department with a message saying that one of the company’s employees were selling illicit drugs to other employees. Although there are close circuit cameras installed throughout the facility it appeared that the drug dealing was carried on out of view of the cameras. Worldwide Intelligence Network was called in to formulate an investigative strategy and it was decided that an undercover investigator would be hired to work in the company. Most of the employees are Hispanic and therefore the undercover investigator assigned was Hispanic. Undercover investigations can be quite dangerous if they are conducted by inexperienced investigators. Knowing how to blend in and be accepted by the other employees, takes training, patience and intelligence. The drug dealing employee cannot under any circumstance suspect he might be an under investigation. Illicit drugs consumed by employees while at work can cause serious if not fatal work place accidents and it can also stimulate physical altercations among the employees and insubordination. Within two pay periods our undercover investigator witnessed the sale of illicit drugs being sold to two employees by the drug dealing employee. The undercover investigator used a covert camera to film the transaction. The drug dealing employee and the employees who bought the drugs were terminated. Call us for a free consultation (310) 385- 8200