Worldwide Intelligence Network [WIN] is a highly regarded Private Investigation and Bodyguard Services Company.

For the past twenty-eight years, they have acquired an outstanding reputation for superb Private Investigation outcomes and a flawless record of keeping our clients requiring Bodyguards safe and secure across America and around the world.

Our New York & Los Angeles offices offer Private Investigators & Bodyguards

WIN’s clientele consists primarily of attorneys, multinational corporations, and small to large businesses, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, the general public, and the entertainment industry. No assignment is too small or large to accept. Our fees are most reasonable, and our abilities are top notch.

Many of our Investigators and Bodyguards are former agents of the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Military, and law enforcement agencies. We are ranked among the Best Five Private Investigation Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications. The Better Business Bureau rates us A+ We are immensely proud of our Testimonials of which confirm our astute investigative abilities, our rapid response time, our commitment to confidentiality, and our ability to deliver what is requested by our clients.

Private Investigation Services Provided

Our investigation services include: intellectual property, competitive intelligence, undercover operations, asset locations, executive-level background investigations, surveillance, infidelity, civil and criminal cases. These cases, including complex litigation support, have taken us throughout the world including South East Asia, China, Mexico, India, South America, Europe, and Canada. Our international associate investigators continually perform superb work always putting forth their best effort.

About Worldwide Intelligence Network – OUR MISSION STATEMENT

Since 1991, our reputation has continually grown because of our commitment to do everything possible for our clients. First and foremost, we always place our client’s interests above all else and as a result, we will only commit to offering our private investigator services and bodyguard services when we firmly believe a client can benefit from our involvement. We have refused hundreds of investigative assignments due to the client’s investigative goal not being achievable because they were either illegal, immoral, or unobtainable. Conversely, when we receive a viable private investigative or bodyguard request, we’ll turn every stone to accomplish our clients’ objective in the shortest period of time.

Our Integrity Is Proven By Our Performance. We Invite You To Read Our Reviews



325 N. Maple Drive
PO Box 17494
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
[310] 385 -8200


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3435 Thousand Oaks Blvd
PO Box 3545
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
[805] 449 – 1007


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California Private Investigator License # 14745
California Private Patrol License # 15757


32 B East Broadstreet
Mt. Vernon, New York 10005
[877] 885 – 5220


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