TWA/Chiat Day one of the most successful advertising agencies in the USA retained our firm to locate the cast members below from the movie “The Wild One” released in 1953. TWA/Chiat Day wanted each member shown in this billboard approval for Levi Strauss jeans. Worldwide Intelligence Network located all these actors to the delight of TWA/Chiat Day. Each cast member received a royalty fee. This was a super challenging, yet gratifying assignment.

“I just wanted to say Thanks! Did you see the billboards? I thought you might like a poster.

I got a call from K. K. Davis last week. He said Gene Peterson contacted him. Gene has been living in Los Angeles for many many years. He almost had an accident when he saw the outdoor campaign.

You were a very important part of this project and your time was greatly appreciated.

I will call you the next time I am looking for someone.

Take care,

Chrissy Borgatta”