Having used the services of Worldwide Intelligence Network (wincor.com) for a volatile emergency
situation involving family members, I wholeheartedly recommend the company to anyone seeking
personal protection by a trained and seasoned professional.

From the first contact I made just prior to the Holidays when Robert Mann personally handled my phone
call, all of my questions were answered, business conducted promptly and efficiently, and the necessary
protection skillfully and empathetically delivered, even flawlessly encompassing a last-minute change.

To my surprise, Mr. Mann’s services did not stop once the protection did. Over a holiday weekend, he
called to follow up on the welfare of the protected persons and even continued the conversation
beyond that with helpful suggestions and a genuine concern for their well-being going forward.
Should a similar situation arise in the future, I would contact no one other than Robert Mann of
Worldwide Intelligence Network.

Mrs. R.