Private Investigator & Bodyguard Services

You want peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe from a perceived threat in a social or business environment please review our Private Investigator & Bodyguard Services

Worldwide Intelligence Network offers an international network of the finest Private Investigators, Private Detectives and Bodyguards in the world to help you get that peace of mind. Many of our associates are former federal agents, military personnel and police detectives.

“Keeping you safe and being discrete all comes down to experience. When you work with us, you get access to the best professionals anywhere in the world.” – Robert Mann, Founder of Worldwide Intelligence Network

Types of Private Investigator & Bodyguard Services

Corporate InvestigationsWorldwide Intelligence Network’s corporate investigators investigate unfair business competition, corporate espionage, undercover workplace investigations, global corporate asset recovery, sexual harassment and/or abuse in the work place, employee malfeasance, extortion, embezzlement, threats of violence in the work place, counterfeiting and white collar crime.

Locate Missing PeopleOur private investigators have an excellent track record with locating missing or lost relatives and runaway children. We have performed hundreds of locate investigations over the past twenty years with a 95% success rate. Attorneys are among our most frequent clients when looking for witnesses and defendants.

Surveillance InvestigationsWIN’s surveillance investigators have thousands of hours in experience conducting Infidelity and Spousal Surveillances, Employee Surveillance throughout America and around the world.

Personal Protection Agents and Celebrity BodyguardsMany of our Personal Protection Agents have served with the Secret Service, the US Department of State Dignitary Protection Division, the Military, Special Forces and Police Dignitary Protections units.

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Private Investigator & Bodyguard Services