Having provided investigative and protective services for over 23 years, we have only our esteemed clients to thank. These are some examples of client feedback we have received.

public counsel thank you letter



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On behalf of Public Counsel, I write to thank you for the invaluable help you provided to our clients.”
– Patrick Dunlevy, Directing Attorney, Consumer Law Project



“I can’t say enough great things about Robert Mann, prinicpal at Worldwide Intelligence Network. Straight and fast responses, extremely knowledgeable and he always goes the extra mile. I highly recommend him for investigative services in the U.S and abroad.” 

– Robin B. Ratner, Esq. Buchalter Nemer

lawyer thank you letter

“You were able to do all of this in a very timely manner and we are confident we will use your services in the future.”

– Julie Berkus, Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Birnberg & Coleman, LLP

I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your professionalism is without question. I have used many investigative firms in the past in business when I need information regarding who I am doing business with. I have never used such a firm for personal matters and I must admit that your conduct goes so over and above what others can or are able to do. I walk from this knowing the following: That you are incredible and that I have actually made a new friend who cares about and understands feelings….This above anything else makes this difficult situation easier and makes me smile..Your advice has been invaluable and only through the pleasure of meeting you to say the words of thank you can I truly express my gratitude.”
– Mr. S.B. Ontario, Canada

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robert first at the studios then later in the contract guard and consulting business. His knowledge is deep and extensive which allows him to offer several solutions in sensitive cases. Robert is also flexible, efficient and easy to work with which is a big plus when it comes to executive protection or confidential matters.”
– Chuck Harold, Security Guy Radio


Legal testimonial letter

“It was a real pleasure to have you present at the Beverly Hills Bar Association on the ethics of retaining a private investigator. The program was well received and gathered high praise.” Read More

find person investigation testimonial

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for your services. When my son had run away from home last summer, I feared I would not see him again. Thanks to you and your work, we were able to reunite within days and work out whatever issues had surfaced.” Read More

“I have on behalf of my company retained the services of Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network on two occasions. Wincor is very professional and provides superior service. I am very happy with the results mostly because of Robert’s responsiveness. He always replied to my emails very quickly and thoroughly and took extra time to answer all of my questions. Robert only engages the best consultants to minimize any errors. I would highly recommend Robert and his services.”

– Amanda A., Director of Finance

Legal assistance testimonial letter

“The client and I are extraordinarily gratified and pleased by all of the services you performed…you went above and beyond a typical private investigator’s call of duty.” Read More

Bodyguard testimonial letter

“Panopoly Pictures Inc. has used the company to provide executive protection and security and has found them to be of the highest level of professionalism. … they handle each case on an individualbasis, perform the background research required to ensure they know all the facts, perceived risks and then formulate a plan to address each concern.” Read More

corporate investigation testimonial letter

“With the service we received from Worldwide, not only did we feel our CEO and artists were protected but each employee felt safe and comfortable. Worldwide provided professional and experienced agents who proactively secured our safety and made all of us feel at ease.” Read More

legal investigator letter

“I was extremely impressed with your professionalism and the short turnaround in which you were able to obtain the information that was requested. I also will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my clients who may be in need of your services.” Read More


“It is rare that you find a professional of such stature that maintains his integrity, honesty, and privacy, I would recommend Mr. Mann and his firm to anyone in my family and amongst my friends as well as anyone else who is in need of any assistance from an all-purpose firm, Mr. Mann, will not simply investigate matters for you, he will take care of your interests in a manner that is very rare in today’s society.” Read More

lawyer private investigator testimonial letter

“It would take a book, rather than a letter, to do justice to your achievements and adequately describe your personal contributions as a fact analyzer, case energizer, attorney inspirer, and truth seeker.” Read More


“I have personally found your services to be quite valuable, your responsiveness first rate and your team approach to matters have significantly aided us in achieving positive results for our clients.” Read More

bodyguard testimonial letter for olsen twins

“Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC retained Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network (“WIN”) to provide risk assessment, residential security design, and implementation and personal protection for Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen for a nine-moth period in 2002-2003.During that period, personal security and advance security preparations wer performed in Los Angeles, Rome, Austrailia, and Mexico with no adverse security incidents occurring.” Read More

private investigator testimonial letter

“We were impressed not only with their handling of those witnesses, but also their understanding of how the information that they obtained fit in the context of the litigation. We use them on other matters and expect to continue to do so.” Read More

locate people testimonial letter

“From the very moment I talked to you, I knew that I was in professional hands… the way you kept me in the loop with up to date information was very helpful. Your reports gave me a steady current status and I knew you were going in the right direction. That was a huge satisfaction for me.” Read More

testimonial letter for investigator

“Worldwide Intelligence was the right firm for this engagement. Worldwide Intelligence went above and beyond the scope of work outlined at the outset of our relationship.” Read More

protection testimonial from doctor

“As a busy physician, it was critical that I minimize the impact to my clinic. In order to do this I needed to engage someone who I could trust to handle my situation expeditiously. Mr. Mann demonstrated great professionalism and expertise in his field that gave me great confidence in his abilities.” Read More


“You were a very important part of this project and your time was greatly appreciated. I will call you the next time I am looking for someone.” Read More


“Notwithstanding your last minute retention, you immediately grasped the rather complicated legal principles in issue in this first impression criminal trademark case. You appeared in court well prepared, and were the best ‘second chair’ I have ever had the privelage to work with.” Read More

security investigations testimonial letter

“I’ve worked with Robert for several years on many different assignments. We worked primarily in investigation and executive security cases involving extortion and stalking. He has shown me a great knowledge and competence in executive protection for different clients.”  Read More

testimonial letter from lawyer

“Feedback from our group proved your presentation was quite entertaining and informative. Several attorneys asked me for your contact information as a referral source.” Read More

mortgage lawyer testimonial letter

“Your willingness to share and demonstrate your extensive knowledge of things relating ot security, and personal protection, were of great interest to our group. Your demonstration was very informative, as well as, interesting. Your talk reached a wide variety of professional people in differing professions. All of us were held ‘spellbound’ by the information that you disseminated to us.” Read More

california investigator testimonial letter

“I received wonderful feedback from the attorneys and paralegals who attended your seminar. The topic of “The Attorney and Private Investigator Working Together” was certainly a point of interest to everyone attending.” Read More