How well do you know the person or group of people you are contemplating becoming involved with? Whether it is a personal or business relationship it will affect your life and your happiness for some time. Your future is at stake. You have the absolute right to know all there is to know about the person(s) prior to entering into that next critical stage of the relationship. A personal background check provides you with a wealth of information to help you make the right decision. You definitely deserve to know if this anticipated relationship will make your life better, more comfortable or simply miserable. Not doing a background check prior to leaping in can end up a whirlwind of emotional turmoil and financial loss. Do not deprive yourself of the right to know the truth now rather than later when it may be too late.

Personal Background Checks

Is your son or daughter getting married to someone you know nothing about? Do you feel it’s far too soon for them to marry? Do you want to hire a nanny to watch your child but you don’t know enough about her? Do you feel the person you love is hiding something from you? Have you met someone online you think is the ideal love of your life yet you have no credible background information other than what he/she told you? Your heart tells you this is can be the one but your mind differs because you know very little about this person. Please be aware; if you are having an online romance and your online lover asks you to send them money for whatever reason the chances are they are a scammer and a professional criminal with a very convincing way of making you feel they are the real deal. Most often than not they hijacked an attractive photo off the Internet to make you believe they are an extremely handsome man or beautiful woman. Worldwide Intelligence Network has uncovered numerous online dating scams and we caution you to be very careful. Our background checks provide you with actionable information that you are entitled to have in order to judge if you want to pursue or not pursue a future relationship with that online person. Our background investigations obtain essential information on people anywhere in the world such as; civil and criminal court cases identified with the person’s name and date of birth. We search for temporary restraining orders filed by victims who were associated with your online love in addition we will find their financial status, professional licenses, credit worthiness and much more. All this background information is presented to you in a detailed written report at a reasonable fee. Worldwide Intelligence Network wants nothing more than for your relationship to be real and wonderful.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is ranked among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications (New Yorker, Vogue, Glamour, Golf World, Wired and many more magazines). The Better Business Bureau Rates us A+. We have been conducting Background Checks for over twenty-five years. Please read our testimonials on this website.

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The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

The director of Worldwide Intelligence Network, Robert Mann, is a qualified provider of the California State Bar MCLE (Minimum Continuation Legal Education) and is authorized to present seminars to practicing attorneys and their firms. The first topic of his seminar is to express how vital is for attorneys to encourage their clients to conduct a personal background check on whomever their client is about to solidify a professional or personal relationship with.

Worldwide Intelligence Network’s background checks are not at all similar to those companies found online offering inexpensive background checks. Those online programs usually offer outdated information and there is no human involved in the research. Worldwide Intelligence Network has conducted hundreds of personal background checks over the past 25 years. We offer a comprehensive pre-employment background investigation on office, factory, professional practices, nannies and household staff personnel.

Our background check provides you with actionable information for you know if you want to pursue or not pursue a future relationship. Our background investigations find essential information such as civil or criminal court case filings including temporary restraining orders. Financial status, credit worthiness, prior residences, relatives, professional licenses and much more will be given to you in a detailed written report for you all investigated by one of our private investigators.

A Special Note
There is no National Criminal Data Base available to the private sector. Many online background investigation and pre-employment screening companies offer this service but in reality it does not exist. There is Nationwide Sex Offender Registry that is a very useful tool for background information.

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