Worldwide Intelligence Network is a licensed and insured private investigation company in New York offering New York private investigator services for the past twenty five years. Our clients are; the general public; law firms; multinational corporations; insurance companies; public corporations; real estate entities; small to large businesses; high-net worth individuals; Wall Street entrepreneurs and the entertainment industry. We maintain a current and superb network of associates in over sixty countries that have time and again demonstrated their skills and access to confidential sources. We are known for our due diligence, our prompt reports and for continually keeping our clients updated on the status of their case.

Samplings of the cases we investigate are; adultery, cheating on a significant other also known as infidelity. Intellectual property infringement; embezzlement; white collar crime; employee malfeasance; breach of contract; criminal defense at the Federal and State levels; locating assets; family members; runaway children; family law matters; pi-cover and counterfeiting where we have gathered evidence of counterfeit goods in South America, Mexico, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea.logo-bbb

Over the years we have successfully accomplished the investigative requests of hundreds of New York residents along with contributing to the success of highly complex and epic legal cases that have spanned the globe. Conde Nast rates us among the top five private investigation companies in America. Our client’s satisfaction is evidenced by the numerous testimonials on our website.. New York residents are a no nonsense citizenry. They expect truthfulness and integrity. Our integrity is proven by our performance for the past twenty five years.

Several of our investigators are former NYC Detectives ranked as high as Captain and many are former government agents who have cultivated remarkable confidential resources. We look forward to speaking with you about your matter. (877) 885–5220new-york-litigation-support