Worldwide Intelligence Network has been in the media several times, serving as experts in the field of investigations and protection. The following are just a few examples of the media attention we have received.


Discussing the Laci Petersen murder investigation and the workings of unreported wire taps.

NBC News

Worldwide Intelligence Network founder, Robert Mann, talks about practicing due diligence to find out more about a nanny before you think about hiring them to watch your children.

The Fabulous Life

How do Bodyguards protect celebrities? Find out on this clip from The Fabulous Life, Insane Celebrity Entourages.


Robert Mann talks about what it takes to protect celebrities. It’s not all about size!

E! Hollywood Baby Boom

Protecting the children of celebrities.

Conde Nast

conde nast portfolio

Top Corporate Investigative Firms

by Sophia Banay

Know before–and more than–anyone else, with the foremost firms at culling corporate intel.
american flagWorldwide Intelligence Network
Los Angeles and New York
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Entertainment industry attorneys and insiders get their intel from Worldwide Intelligence Network, which conducts witness location and litigation support, corporate espionage, and investigations of fraud, embezzlement, and all manner of employee malfeasance.

New York
Among Kroll’s past assignments: conducting due diligence on prospective Ford auto dealers in China and exposing embezzlement at the top ranks of a major New York City charity. With 65 offices in 25 cities around the world, this risk-consulting company has offered intelligence services since its founding in 1972.

Control Risks
Control Risks, a full-service international risk consultancy, will trace assets, take care of pre-employment screening, and conduct corporate investigations. Global firms, especially in emerging markets, swear by the firm’s RiskMap, an annual business forecast with intelligence for 150 countries.

Fortress Global
New York
When Beirut’s Al-Medina bank collapsed and its chairman found himself out more than $1 billion, he called Fortress Global, founded by former head honchos at Interpol, the FBI, the CIA, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The Fifth Avenue firm works with some of the world’s biggest hedge funds and banks.

Oakton, Virginia
With heavy-hitting clients in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and finance, Vance conducts due diligence investigations for international mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and board appointments. Following its director’s resignation, the Massachusetts State Police crime lab tapped Vance to perform a review.

Investigative Services Agencies
This publicly traded firm specializes in background checks, surveillance, fraud investigation, and risk assessment for Chicago offices of national companies, such as Citibank, but it doesn’t stop at the local level; president James Miller has helped the FBI apprehend fugitives from its Most Wanted list.