You searched everywhere and you are unable to find that special person. Our private investigators are experts at finding family members, lost loves and missing persons. Our private detectives are dedicated professionals when it comes to locating someone you must find. Do not give up  hope because we’re here to help. Worldwide Intelligence Network’s private investigators specialize in locating difficult to find people. We have multiple private investigative techniques and resources that we use to find loves, family members and missing persons. We waste no time initiating your investigation because the longer we wait the more difficult it becomes.


For the past twenty-six years we have maintained a 95% investigative success rate locating friends, relatives and former romantic partners. Conde Nast publications named us among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America, the Better Business Bureau rates us A+ and Angie’s List gave us five stars and the best recommendation we have are from our clients. Please see testimonials.

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Please note our Privacy and Security Policy

Due to security concerns relating to the location of any person there are unfortunately individuals who ask us to locate someone when they have no legitimate reason to locate that person. Some people falsely claim they are looking for a lost love or family member when they have an ulterior motive to locate that person. Therefore, unless we are provided with absolute proof that the potential client is in fact legally or directly associated with the missing or lost person we will upon locating that person ask them for their authorization to release their contact information to the potential client. Should the person refuse, we will not release their information to the client. This prevents the possibility of a potential threat and/or malicious intent toward the person located. One’s lost love could be someone else’s spouse or significant other.