Don’t waste precious time. Swift resolution is key in locating a missing child, family member or relative.

Finding Missing Children

You Can Hold Them Safely In Your Arms Again
What is crucial in locating missing children, whether they have been abducted or have runaway, is the speed at which they are found. The first thing you should do is contact the police, and the second, is contact us. We start investigations immediately upon receipt so that absolutely no time is wasted. Because this sensitive matter requires a unique set of abilities that only specific investigators possess, our former federal agents and police detectives who specialize in this field conduct these investigations. They have been professionally trained in finding missing children and have worked on such cases for public and private agencies for decades. As a result, our investigators frequently work closely with local law enforcement to support and expedite a reunion, often faster than when the police are doing it on their own.

No matter where in the world your child may be, our missing children investigators can find them, as we have done for a number of our clients. We have achieved a 95% success rate for the 23+ years we have been helping clients locate lost family members.

Tracing Lost Relatives and Family Members

You Can Become A Whole Family Again
You may have very limited and dated information on the family member or relative you want to find, and this is quite common when clients come to us. WIN has legal access to millions of records around the world and they will apply sophisticated proprietary tracing techniques that other investigators do not perform. For this reason, we have been able to maintain excellent track record in finding family members and relatives.

Past clients have been able to reunite with the family they’ve lost in a matter of days, sometimes even hours. How much relief and happiness would you feel if you could experience the same swift resolution?

Please note our Privacy and Security Policy

Due to privacy laws and the personal security of individuals we know that some people might falsely claim they are looking for a lost love when they have an ulterior motive to locate someone. Therefore we follow a strict privacy policy. Upon locating the person a client seeks, we will ask that person for their authorization to release their contact information. Should the person refuse, we will not release the information to our client. This prevents the possible threat posed by those with malicious intent.

 Locate and Place an Adult Child Under Surveillance: A Case Study

Really nice and lovely parents enjoyed a close relationship with their son who was attending college in Santa Monica, California, 3000 miles from their residence in Florida. One day for no apparent reason their son stopped communicating with them and he stopped answering his cell phone for over a week. His landlady told his parents that she hadn’t seen their son in over a week. Friends of their son had not heard from him for over two weeks. The father called the Santa Monica police department but due to his son being eighteen years old and legally an adult, a missing child report could not be taken. The police suggested the father call back in forty-eight hours to file a missing person’s report. Now frantic at this juncture the father called Worldwide Intelligence Network and was put in touch with Worldwide Intelligence Network’s Director of operations; Robert Mann. Robert proceeded to ask several relevant questions about their son’s lifestyle, course of study, social life and even if their son might have a drug, alcohol or gambling addiction. Confidently, the parents replied their son had none of those problems. The father explained that he talked with his son almost every day and sometimes twice a day. Worldwide Intelligence Network was retained to do whatever they could to locate the young man. Robert turned up a solid lead on where the son might be which was close to San Diego, CA. Robert notified the parents and Robert immediately departed from Los Angeles to San Diego. While driving there he contacted several of his associates in San Diego and was able to assign one of them to commence surveillance at a motel where it was determined the young man was at. Robert remained in constant communication with his surveillance investigator who was stationed outside a motel room where the young man’s car was parked. Upon Robert’s arrival in San Diego he and his associated staked out the motel room until the young man exited.

As to how the son would be approached was vital to the success of this investigation because the young man was an adult and he was not compelled to cooperate with Robert or his associate. It was decided that Robert would approach the young man quietly, professionally by introducing himself and as a private investigator retained by the young man’s parents who were terribly concerned about him. It was clear that the young man was shocked to have been found but he was not at all hostile. He sat down with Robert and explained that he felt unworthy of his parents love because his college grades were very poor and he felt he was a disappointment to his parents. Eventually Robert convinced the young man to speak with his parents by phone and he agreed to return to his parent’s home.

The young man’s mother took the first flight she could book to San Diego. Robert was asked by the father to maintain around the clock surveillance on his son to make certain he didn’t run away again and until his mother arrived. The young man’s mother arrived the following day and they left for Florida. Last Robert heard the young man enrolled in a new college back home and was seeing a therapist. His parents were delighted with the progress their son was making. Without the instantaneous surveillance arranged in San Diego this case could have ended up a lot differently. As to how Worldwide Intelligence Network located the son remains a trade secret and it is privileged and confidential.

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