Cyber bullying, threats and harassment communicated publically via the Internet and cell phones technology have a dramatic negative and often frightful affect upon its victims. Victims are exposed to hurtful, untruthful, unlawful and threatening messages posted on a website, or by texting and sexting. You have the power to identify the perpetrator and stop their ugly harassment with the help of our cyber-investigation services division.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

  1. Fortunately, we recognized the importance of preparing for the eventual onslaught of cyber-crimes that we predicted with the popular usage of the internet. Subsequently, we amassed an unparalleled cadre of information specialists in the computer and internet fields, many of who have top secret security clearances.
  2. We perform real-time monitoring of internet postings. This monitoring is accomplished with a new technology that monitors 50,000 chat rooms, financial sites and other web locations in real time. This technology is useful in obtaining competitive due diligence for you.
  3. Many of our investigators are former members of the Secret Service and FBI, with extensive experience as cyber investigators.
  4. We have provided protection for victims of cyber-talking for several years, and to date, none of our clients have ever been hurt.
  5. One of our senior investigators in Ohio now in private practice was in charge of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and the Human Trafficking Unit. He was responsible for investigations (including undercover operations) for ICAC as well as Cyber Tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which led to the identification of multiple child victims. He has conducted more than 5000 hours of online investigation which resulted in multiple arrests of individuals throughout the United States and Canada. Those people were attempting to engage in sexual activity with minors, including child sex trafficking and child pornography. Numerous individuals were arrested after traveling to meet what they believed was a minor child. He has drafted over 500 court orders for subscriber information and prepared and executed more than 300 search warrants for residences and businesses dealing with online child exploitation and human trafficking cases. These cases dealt with online child enticement, importing, possession and distribution of child pornography. He has conducted over 200 interviews and interrogations of suspects as well as interviewing victims related to crimes against children, prostitution and human trafficking investigations.
  6. Another member of our team specializes in identifying the physical location of someone using an anonymous email address.

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