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Private Investigator Stalker Investigative and Personal Protection Services

For the past twenty–nine years we have successfully stopped stalkers from tormenting our clients in Los Angeles, New York and across America. Our stalker investigation and protection services division has successfully terminated the actions of obsessed stalkers numerous times over the years by securing irrefutable evidence of their unlawful conduct and by assisting law enforcement officers to effectuate an arrest and conviction. The operative word when trying to mitigate the activity of a stalker is “evidence” of which a client must be able to present to us and we in turn must be able to present to law enforcement. Claiming you’re a victim of a stalker who you say installed hidden cameras and or listening devices in your apartment or home without evidence will not help you at all. Conversely, should it be necessary to relocate you (the stalking victim), we have made it impossible for a stalker to ever locate their victim after we have relocated the victim to an undisclosed location. Once this process is completed your fear ends, you will be safe again and forever.

Due to our stalker investigation efforts, our clients were able to resume their flourishing life before becoming a victim of a stalker. If you are being victimized by a stalker and are afraid and feeling completely helpless, we are here to help you. No matter what, you should not blame yourself for the behavior of the stalker. You have not done anything to warrant the obsessive behavior of the stalker who is terrorizing you. However, you should exercise your right to protect yourself from the damaging effects of their behavior.

What We Can Do – Stalker Investigation Services

We know how to neutralize the actions of your stalker quickly and permanently and change your fear into feeling safe and secure again.

Stalking is a criminal offense in many states across America but not all, and we will check to make certain we can involve law enforcement in your state. As a stalking victim, you have the right to pursue civil action against your stalking by asking the court for a “Protective Order” also known as a “Restraining Order.” The court orders will enable the police to arrest your stalker should he/she violate the court’s order. We are know how to protect you and to legally to stop your stalker.


Worldwide Intelligence Network is a fully licensed and insured  California Private Investigation Company License # 14745 and a fully licensed California Bodyguard Service company License # 15757 and a fully licensed New York Private Investigator License # 11000008057.  The publishers of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Vogue rated us among the FIVE BEST INVESTIGATORS IN AMERICA.  We are rated by Expertise as one of New York’s and Los Angeles Best Private Investigators.

Here is one of our most recent testimonials pertaining to a stalking situation. For more Testimonials please click  the link

Robert Mann has been an incredible resource and guide through an extremely trying time for our family. We contacted Robert when we became the victims of a stalker whose erratic behavior accelerated very quickly and we had to leave, essentially, our lives behind. Robert answered every question and every phone call, his diligence and expertise is not something you come across often. From personal protection, to discreet moving services, to helping us scout new locations and apartments to live in- Robert and his associate Chris have been absolute, consummate professionals. They both have a wealth of real life experience protecting the safety of others. Every avenue was considered, which, as people who had never had experienced this terrible kind of privacy invasion, we had never even thought of. I highly recommend Robert Mann and the services of Worldwide Intelligence Network to anyone who needs protection and experience in security. Thank you Robert. – Jacqueline L.

We Will Learn Everything about Your Stalker

Our first objective will be to secure your safety and immediately neutralize the stalker. We will sit with you to learn everything about what has transpired from the moment the stalking began.  Should you not know who your stalker is we will identify your stalker.

An in-depth background investigation will be conducted on the stalker and our report will provide everything we know about the stalker including but not limited to whether he/she has done this to other victims and if he/she was ever arrested and/or been incarcerated previously. We will be looking into prior restraining orders within the jurisdiction of each county where the stalker resided that may have been filed by other stalking victims. Our background report will provide his/her current or past employment address and his/her current residence address. We will monitor his/her every move 24/7 to make certain he/she does not come anywhere near you.  If you request it will will assign a Bodyguard to you for as long as you feel comfortable. If during our surveillance we catch the stalker going near you at your work, your home or while you’re out for the evening we will provide that evidence to law enforcement. Video will be taken of all the stalker’s activities including if your stalker comes anywhere close to you, your residence or at your workplace. During this time we will be compiling evidence on your behalf to use in court should you pursue legal or law enforcement remedies.

When Contacting the Police Isn’t Enough

If the police told you that they could not help you because your stalker has not physically assaulted you or tried to break into your home or violated any law whether it be a misdemeanor or felony, do not lose hope. We know how to liaison with law enforcement because many of our investigators are either off-duty or former police detectives.

Our primary objective is to secure sufficient evidence to present to the law enforcement and a District Attorney to prosecute the stalker to the fullest extent of the law. When necessary, we may consult with some of the most respected Forensic Psychiatrists in America who specialize in analyzing stalker behavior to determine how potentially dangerous your stalker can be. The psychiatrist’s assessment will be made available to you. However, please know that not all stalkers have a tendency to be violent. Worldwide Intelligence Network has provided stalker investigations and protection services for 29 years, and not one of our clients has ever been injured on our watch.

Has Your Stalker Done Any of This to You

  • Follow you constantly
  • Contacted you either by phone, text or emails
  • Came to your place of employment
  • Came to your home and asked to come inside
  • Stole your personal property
  • Spread rumors about you to friends and family
  • Sent you unwanted gifts
  • Posted photos of you online
  • Threaten to harm or kill anyone you care about
  • Tried to physically or sexually assault you

The effects of stalking are cumulative, and therefore be sure to save every text or email you receive. Record every message left by your stalker. Never ever, speak with your stalker or reply to their text messages or emails. Take screenshots of any unauthorized photos of you being posted. Also, a stalker’s behavior worsens over time, possibly becoming more aggressive and dangerous. While a stranger may commit some of the actions listed above, statistics show that there is a far better chance your stalker is someone you know. You may have met them at work, through a friend, or at a social networking event—stalkers can be men or women (although the majority are men) from any ethnic and socio-economic background.  They may be stalking you for one of the following reasons: they are romantically obsessed with you, have developed a delusion that you love them (erotomania), or had a previous relationship with you and cannot “let go.”

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