Attorneys is your case in jeopardy because a vital witness cannot be located? We have an excellent track record for locating crucial witnesses trying to avoid testifying.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network Advantage

1. Has your witness vanished? Need help to find that crucial witness? Call Worldwide Intelligence Network. We specialize in locating difficult to find witness with the assistance of  highly reliable confidential sources. For the past twenty-nine years we’ve performed hundreds of locate investigations with a 95% success rate.

2. One of our most challenging international witness locate investigations was for an intellectual property law firm that desperately needed to locate eight Japanese engineers. These engineers invented a well known patented device in the 1980’s that is used today throughout the world. The company who employed the engineers had been sold twice to two different conglomerates in the span of twenty years.

Our client had only the English spelling of their names, an Anglicized version of their traditional kanji (Japanese characters) names. They could not provide the names written in kanji, which is essential to identify a current address for people residing in Japan. For those who are not familiar with the country’s laws and customs, the identity of individuals are unbendingly protected and unanimously supported by the population as well. Despite these difficulties, however, we were able to locate all eight engineers within three weeks, providing swift and accurate resolution for the intellectual property law firm we were assisting.

If you have difficulty finding a key witness for your case, please contact us at Worldwide Intelligence Network. We will find your witness.