Stalking, real or imagined? Worldwide Intelligence Network has been helping actual victims of stalking for over twenty five years. We have encountered numerous people who truly believe they are being stalked but in reality they are not. Those people believe with 100% certainty that they are being stalked. To comprehend why someone would think they are being stalked when they are not would require a vast knowledge of psychiatry and psychiatric study to understand that person’s mind. However, those people can be helped with proven medications. As bizarre as it may sound, we receive dozens of calls each year from people who claim they are being stalked by multiple people or persons they don’t know. They tell us that they are being followed by several different cars each day. Some claim that they hear people talking to them through their electronic devices. When asked what they hear, they cannot answer that question but they keep adding more to their delusion, saying such things as:

  • “The manager of my building keeps coming into my apartment”
  • “My neighbor spray painted a vulgar remark on my door.”
  • “My next door neighbor is listening to everything I say.”

When we ask if they had installed a covert video camera in their apartment to film the manager coming in, they say, “No, but I know he comes into my apartment.” When we ask for them to send us a photo of the vulgar remarks left on their door they tell us they were removed. They often claim that dozens of people are surveiling them and they think those people are government agents. When we ask them to identify the make model and color of the cars following them or perhaps a license plate number, they say they don’t have any description or plate number.

Sometimes, It’s Not Real

So why are all those people imagining they are being stalked? It apparently is caused by a psychological disorder manifested in their minds cause by many different stresses of which could be physical as well as mental. To understand what these individuals are going through or to even comprehend their anxiety is beyond what we as Private Investigators are trained to handle. However we have researched the obvious causes of delusion to help these people understand why we cannot help them. Read more about this here. We learned over the years that if we suggest they are ill and are in need of help, they will rebel and often accuse us as begin a part of their stalking conspiracy. The only way they accept our explanation is by us explaining that we only accept stalking cases where there has been a clear physical threat to a victim by the stalker approaching their victim and threatening to harm them physically, or if the stalker left a message on their voicemail stating that they want to hurt them. These explanations appear to work. We listen very carefully to everyone who calls us claiming they are being stalked because they very well might be a true stalker victim and that is when we can help them.