WE pretty much know you want to ask; how do you find someone? Our answer is fairly simple. We are relentless in our pursuit in locating that special person you are seeking to find because we understand how important that person is to you. We’ll turn over every stone there is to try and find them. Remember, the more information you have the better chance there is in finding them.

Is that person the father or mother you never knew and now want to find? If that is your concern, this is what you’ll need if you want us to locate them:

First and last legal name and if they have since married it would be very important to ask your known relatives if they know their current married name.

Should one of your parents or any of your family members be on your bucket list to find, you must have at the very least their legal names. Hopefully you might have their date of birth and if at all possible their social security number. We regrettably cannot help you locate anyone with just a first name and no other information. It becomes more important to have additional information when the more common their name is, like John Smith. We would require other identification, such as last known address (not just the city where you think they lived we need to have their exact street address).

We specialize in finding people that you care about or whom you must find to settle a legal issue but we are not magicians. Our rate of success is nearly 95% when we are given a minimum amount of pertinent information about the person you want to find.

So many clients call us and say they used an online website that only cost them a few dollars and they couldn’t find who they were looking for. The reason is that those websites maintain very old databases that they hardly ever update because it costs them too much money to do so.

There is an old but very wise saying, “cheap is expensive” because after you try bargain websites and after throwing out your money with them and receiving nothing worthwhile you find yourself looking for a professional company like us to help you.