Celebrity Bodyguard protection in Los Angeles, New York and anywhere in the world  for  a red carpet premiere involves a significant amount of advance security planning and preparation. When celebrities are expected by the public to appear at a red carpet event, personal celebrity bodyguard protection is at an all-time high. A strict set of guidelines and close attention  to several factors are critical. Before a premiere, celebrities’ fan mail is scrutinized for any obscene threats or abnormalities including mention of an overt act to be performed at the premiere. Celebrity bodyguard’s eyes have to focus on the fans, the media and to provide a safe environment for the celebrity. Routes to the nearest emergency hospitals are all mapped our in advance as is coordination with law enforcement regarding any description of an obsessive fan expected to show up for the red carpet event.

What Happens Before The Celebrities Arrive

A survey is taken in advance of the trip to determine the level of any additional security on site (if applicable) and the best ingress to the event. Exits are duly noted, as is the best place for the limousine to enter and exit after the premiere stop. Should the celebrity personal protection specialist know of a possible threat from a deranged unidentified fan  additional security protocols would be introduced into the security plan along with more personal protection specialists being assigned. A secure driving route is established for the celebrity on their way to the theater that route is known only by the bodyguard protection team.

When They Arrive

When a celebrity arrives at the event, one to two bodyguards approach the rear passenger door of the limousine. Each takes opposite sides of the door as the celebrity exits. The moment the celebrity exits the limousine, the personal security team begin to observe the conduct of the crowd, moving their eyes over the people around them. Nearby cars, bicycles, motorcycles and open windows above and below their location are scrutinized. Diligently, the personal protection specialists study the facial expressions of the crowd, paparazzi and passersby. Their eyes search the clothing of the spectators for unusual bulges where a weapon might be concealed. Particular attention is paid to anyone acting suspicious or out of the ordinary, such as a spectator perspiring on a cool day. The eyes of the spectators are scrutinized to see if they are shifting too frequently, which is a tell tale sign that the person is nervous or on guard. Anyone acting suspiciously is carefully observed.

Watch the clip to see the diamond formation in action

While walking toward the red carpet or toward the entrance to the event, a diamond formation is formed around the celebrity, with one personal protection specialist walking behind, another walking alongside and a third walking in front. The same formation generally takes place during a shopping jaunt by the client. The number of personal protection specialists assigned to the celebrity primarily depends upon how many paparazzi are expected to be in the area, as determined by past experiences. In general, the more popular the celebrity is, the larger the crowd of onlookers and paparazzi will be. Another criterion for the utilization of additional personnel is whether the protection team is aware of a current known threat to the celebrity.

Celebrity bodyguards have to remain constantly alert and be in excellent physical condition to prevent an overzealous fan from rushing up to their client. An out of control fan or paparazzi can cause serious physical damage to the celebrity.

Celebrities are usually committed by contract to make personal appearances on tv shows, at red carpet premiers and at charity events. When a celebrity is forced to cancel an appearance due to a personal security threat, it becomes a hot press issue and that can literally paralyze the everyday routine of a celebrity. Most celebrities refuse to give into those veiled threats because that is what most of the offenders want — control over the celebrity’s life. The celebrity’s agent, lawyer and manager will do everything possible to avoid publicity about any threat leveled at their client. That is why the public seldom hears about a celebrity in danger, except when an assault takes place in public or when the police are called. This was the case with Justin Bieber, Madonna and Steven Spielberg.