Sometimes a cheating spouse case improves a marriage and here is a case study of infidelity surveillance that saved a marriage. Her husband was caught cheating by our surveillance team and if you expect to hear what a disaster their marriage turned out to be hold on tight because you may not believe how this case study worked out.

A very calm and intelligent sounding woman called our office to ask about our infidelity surveillance services. She explained that she had recently seen her husband’s American Express bill listing charges from all of the cities he traveled to for business, including Los Angeles, but in reviewing his American Express bill she noticed that her husband had not rented a car when he was in Los Angeles. That discovery was a red flag that caught her attention, since her husband always rented a car whenever he traveled to another city. She wondered how he got around in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. She knew he was not the kind of person who took limousines, taxis or Uber. She found herself speculating that someone had picked up her husband, but who was it? Her husband told his wife he was going to Los Angeles to meet with prospective clients and would be running from one meeting to another for a couple of days. Upon his return home from Los Angeles, prior to the American Express bill arriving, he told his wife he had arranged another set of meetings in Los Angeles two weeks from the day he returned home to Boston. Another Red Flag emerged as that was unusual behavior for her husband.

How Infidelity Surveillance Begins

The wife, now our client, asked us to commence surveillance upon her husband’s arrival at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. She told us that her husband booked a bungalow at the hotel, which many people referred to as a small villa. We explained to the client that to cover her husband’s bungalow with a clear view of his activities we would require she reserve a bungalow for our surveillance team and we would make certain that our bungalow was near his. We have maintained an excellent relationship with the management staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel over the years and it was not a problem for us to ask for and be provided with our preferred bungalow.

Our assignment covered several days, and during our surveillance we immediately observed her husband with another woman who stayed with him overnight and into the following days. We captured video of the woman with him and as promised to our client we called her with updates and to what we observed. Normally we would not engage in updating a client while surveillance was ongoing but we felt comfortable after having numerous conversations with this client that she was in total control of her emotions throughout our surveillance period and our level of confidence was high enough to trust her not to reveal to her husband what she was doing. We were correct. She never violated our agreement and on the last day of surveillance and after unequivocal confirmation of her husband’s infidelity, she confided in us that she had been to see every renowned family law attorney in Boston to discuss her pending divorce. By meeting with those attorneys her husband would not be able to retain any of them because she had already created an attorney-client relationship with each attorney she met with.

I, as the director in charge of this particular assignment, found this client’s behavior psychologically sound and intelligent. She absolutely earned my respect. When a husband, wife or significant other eventually hear from us that their life partner has cheated on them, they usually go ballistic, crying, screaming or hanging up the phone on us being unable to cope. Not this client. She was composed throughout while listening to all of the disturbing details we revealed to her.

On or about the time when the information was revealed I was with our lead female investigator and director of Infidelity Surveillance, Desi Riley. We were just about to leave the Beverly Hills Hotel. Something told me that Desi should get on the phone with this client and offer her some emotional support because at this moment in time no matter how composed the client appeared what we disclosed to her had to be devastating. I thought it would be the ideal time to introduce Desi to the client and I asked the client if she would like to speak with our female investigator. Desi handles nearly all our infidelity cases but was assigned elsewhere when this case first came in. Desi is extremely bright and very sensitive to the emotional turmoil a client can go through when they hear what they really don’t want to hear, whether male or female. The client agreed to talk with Desi and they seemed to hit it off immediately.

Their conversation went on for quite some time that evening and then continued over several weeks. Desi and the client talked about whether the client wanted to or could stay married to her husband which she admitted she truly loved. They also talked about what happens down the road should the client seek to divorce her husband or if she wanted to try and make her marriage of 25 years continue with assurances from her husband that he would promise to maintain a magnanimous relationship.

A Happy Ending

Well, it’s been nearly eight years since that surveillance. The client and her husband are still together and their marriage is flourishing! The client and Desi are very best friends to this day and the client is admittedly indebted to Desi for without Desi’s friendship and encouragement to try and make her friend’s marriage work, this might have turned out to be just another infidelity-cheater story.