bodyguard talking in walkie talkieA day protecting the safety of a female celebrity. Oh how glamorous it appears, watching all the beautiful people parading down the red carpet, dressed to the nines. They all look deliriously happy to be on the red carpet because that is a symbol of artistic success. However, what might have transpired prior to their arrival might paint an entirely different picture as to how they really feel. Celebrities, in spite of their outward appearance, have more than their share of anxiety about the safety of themselves and their family. Such was one case we handled for a hugely successful, underage actress in this case study of female celebrity protection.

Worldwide Intelligence Network Call To Action

We received a call from the actress’s lawyer who told us that she had received several heinous letters mailed to her home address. There was also a blog on the internet that had her face pasted on nude bodies. We were tasked with identifying the person who mailed the letters and the creator of the blog.

Celebrity Protection

Step 1: Removing The Celebrity’s Home Address From Easy Public View
Our first objective was to learn how the perpetrator obtained the residence address of the actress. Our investigation revealed that her address was available on several online public databases (along with the addresses of her parents and her nanny/personal assistant’s), including all three major credit bureaus. Although the actress was a minor and was not legally able to obtain credit, further investigation revealed that many notable retail establishments allowed her to open charge accounts in her name despite this. Since the law was clearly on our side, we contacted all three bureaus and explained the situation. They immediately removed her from their databases. Following that, we asked the parents and assistant to change their mailing address and the actress’s to either her business manager’s office or a PO Box. Everyone complied, effectively replacing their home addresses with their new mailing addresses.

Step 2: Identifying The Anonymous Blogger
Besides the nude photos, the blogger had also written that he planned on kidnapping the actress when she turned eighteen years old and taking her to his mountain cabin to rape her repeatedly.

After our IT Cyber Specialists traced the IP address of the blogger, we found out his personal information and contacted him. He was given an option; either remove the blog and never post another thing about the actress again, or have criminal charges filed against him and be sued for multiple civil causes. The blog was taken down and it never resurfaced.

Step 3: Identifying the Letter Writer
Identifying the letter writer proved to be a more difficult task. It was not possible to trace him. We tried to extract fingerprints off the envelope and letter but the perpetrator most likely used gloves and he was never located.

We had to accelerate our efforts to protect the actress, her parents and the nanny/assistant. The contents of the letters clearly indicated that the perpetrator had been by the house and had observed certain events taking place at the house.

Assessing The Risk

Our team conducted a risk assessment of the family home, the actress’s school and the residence of the nanny/assistant. With the consent of her parents, we had a highly secure but very attractive security fence installed around their home. Motion detection lights and a state of the art closed circuit television system were installed. The CCTV system was viewable by the family on their televisions, their computers and by us remotely. A new and improved security alarm system replaced their old one.

Personal Protection Specialists were assigned to provide residential and personal security around the clock. A Personal Protection Specialist was assigned to the actress wherever she went. Having just received a new car for turning sixteen, our technicians designed a special device that went under the driver’s seat to alert her Bodyguards if an unauthorized person was attempting to get into her car. The actress asked that her Bodyguard not ride in her car, so we surveiled her instead in what is commonly known as a chase car. After all she was a young lady who had a right to her privacy and we respected her request.

Just prior to our involvement, we learned that the nanny/assistant was the victim of an attempted home invasion robbery. Fortunately, she was able to keep the perpetrator out of her apartment and he subsequently ran away. Learning this, we immediately had a state of the art alarm system installed in her apartment.

The Best Result Is No Negative Incident

The moment we initiated the security, not a single incident occurred to place her or her family and her assistant in harm’s way no matter where she went, including multiple film locations in Rome, Mexico and Australia.

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