man taking wedding ring off fingerElizabeth‘s experience with a cheating husband story goes like this. We recently conducted an infidelity investigation for Elizabeth (not her real name). Elizabeth told us that her husband was very cruel and verbally abusive, constantly telling her that she was old and ugly. Her husband eventually moved out of the family home and left her and his three children.

Elizabeth was devastated when she met us.  She asked us to help her identify who the other woman was. The doorman at her husband’s apartment building gave her a license plate number of the alleged other woman’s car. We ran a check on the license plate to identify the other woman and showed Elizabeth a photo of her.

A few weeks later Elizabeth called to say that she gave us an incorrect license plate number and now she had another license plate number from the same doorman on a second woman’s car. Elizabeth asked us to check out the registered owner of the car and to find out her identity. When we met with Elizabeth this second time to present her with the identity of the second woman she looked like an entirely new woman. She had gotten a facelift and she looked fantastic, all because she finally learned the truth about her cheating husband! She met with a wonderful matrimonial therapist to help her through her ordeal. The good news is that Elizabeth was able to move on and realize that she deserved so much better.

And the happy ending—Elizabeth just met a new man who is crazy about her!

The message here is that you don’t have to live your life at the mercy of someone else.