Corporate EspionageIn the event you’ve come to the unimaginable realization that your company has fallen victim to espionage and that you now require corporate espionage investigation services we believe Worldwide Intelligence Network can provide you with an immediate remedy to terminate the unlawful outflow of your company’s proprietary and top secret corporate information. Our company does not stand alone in offering these investigative services to you. We have aligned ourselves with some of the brightest and talented cyber crime specialists in America many of whom are former federal agents with years of experience who will immediately terminate the unlawful outflow of your company’s proprietary information. In addition and with your consent we will instantly commence a complete evaluation of all your personnel to determine if any of them was or still is involved with the espionage. Over our twenty five years of corporate espionage investigations we uncovered numerous perpetrators operating within the companies that employed them. Although espionage is a federal crime and a high risk taking endeavor punishable by extensive prison terms it is extremely attractive to certain criminal minds because it is so very profitable. Any proprietary information your company operates on that can be used by another company foreign or domestic who does not want to pay the price to acquire that information legally is going to take a short cut if they have the means to obtain your property illegally. As example:

  • Client lists
  • Personal data
  • Personnel records
  • Supplier lists
  • Prototype plans for products or services
  • Marketing plans
  • Confidential financial data
  • Trade Secrets

In a competitor’s hands your competitor can attempt to lure your clients away from your company by offering better pricing and extraordinary benefits. They will release your unique product/service before you do, they can reduce the price of their competing product and they can counterfeit your product and sell it on the black or gray market becoming more successful and profitable than your company. Countless companies have gone bankrupt purely because of corporate espionage. Victims who act quickly to counter espionage save billions of dollars every year.

Worldwide Intelligence Network offers clients an elite team of Counter-Espionage Specialists, many of whom are former IT Cyber Specialists and former government agents.  Conde Nast Publications ranked our company among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America.