Airplane HangerYou’re scared to death for your safety and that of your loved ones. You called the police but they could not offer you protection at the time of your call because no crime had occurred yet. You feel defenseless and you realize you need to contact a Personal Protection Services’ company. Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing personal protection services for the past twenty-three years and was named among the Top Five Private Investigation and Personal Protection Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and the testimonials on our website are impressive and true. Call us for a free consultation (877) 885-5220

Selecting a professional Bodyguard (also known as a Personal Protection Specialist) is vital when your life and that of your loved ones are at stake. You want to know if your Bodyguard will step in front of you to save your life like those dedicated men and woman in the Secret Service. The commitment of Secret Service Agents sets them apart from “wannabes”. Worldwide Intelligence Network is proud to provide Personal Protection Services by men and woman who were among the rank and file of government and law enforcement agencies as well as military dignitary protection details in hostile environments abroad. No client of ours has ever been kidnapped, killed or injured during our watch.

Personal Protection Specialists are not just for celebrities, socialites, dignitaries and politicians. Any person faced with a threating situation and in fear of their personal security that has the financial means to retain a Bodyguard receives the same caliber of protection as the rich and famous from Worldwide Intelligence Network. Whether you’re going out to a night club, an event or to a bar and would prefer to have protection we will cover you. Should you be concerned about a court hearing or a contentious business meeting we will cover you. No assignment is too small or too large for us to accommodate you.

Situations in which you may need a bodyguard:

It is time to stop worrying about what could happen. Call us for a free consultation

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Worldwide Intelligence Network’s Personal Protection Specialists will formulate a security protocol that will cover every aspect of your life and that of your family’s. You will be able resume your normal activities and no longer live in fear.


How should you choose your bodyguard?

  1. What should you look for in a bodyguard?The most significant attributes of a top notch Bodyguard is intelligence, training, experience and physical fitness. Knowing how to avoid a problem is the key to personal security. Avoidance at all costs should be the mantra for all Bodyguards. However, should a situation arise where it appears you are about to be confronted by someone threatening a physical confrontation your Bodyguard (not you) will attempt to communicate with the agitated party to defuse the situation while backing you away and out of the location. Failing that, should the aggressive person try to initiate an assault your Bodyguard will do what is necessary to subdue the assailant and call law enforcement. This situation has never happened with any client of Worldwide Intelligence Network.
  1. Armed or Unarmed?Under certain circumstances armed Bodyguards are necessary and they will be deployed. The reality is armed personnel are usually not necessary unless the client received credible death threats or has had prior attempts made against their life.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Traveling Abroad

Worldwide Intelligence Network works offers Personal Protection Services around the world. When our clients travel abroad we always retain one of our associate Bodyguards in that country to join our security detail because they know areas to avoid in their country and in their cities and they assist us in gathering vital intelligence to enhance our client’s level of security. Rest assured that Worldwide Intelligence Network has professional dedicated men and woman situated in nearly every metropolitan city in the world.

Additional Information
Planning to travel abroad please check with the US Department of State’s Travel Advisories website. Please click here> US Department of State’s website. There are always travel advisory warnings in effect in certain parts of the world, particularly in areas of an unstable political climate. The Department of State updates this information constantly.