Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing armed and unarmed New York Bodyguard Services for the past twenty-three years and not a single client has ever been injured in all that time. In addition to serving clients in New York we have offices in Los Angeles and Ventura County, California along with associate Bodyguards in over sixty countries around the world. We also provide risk assessment for estate security and we utilize the latest in state of the art detection, intrusion and video surveillance equipment.

Whether you require one year or lifetime service we will provide you with the finest skilled Bodyguards in the city to protect you at a competitive rate. Our clients range from high-net worth individuals, foreigners visiting for pleasure or business, CEO’s, celebrities, law firms involved in contentious litigation, businesses concerned about workplace violence and of course the public at large in fear of their safety.

Many of our clients have a preference as to how close or distant they want their protection detail to be. We appreciate and understand those preferences while never compromising their safety. Many of our Bodyguards have been working in New York City for many years and have cultivated meaningful relationships at various clubs, venues, shows and restaurants that facilitate entry and VIP treatment.

We conduct advance surveys making sure to avoid traffic congestion and specific areas that are unsafe. Often a client is unaware that a venue they want to go to is known to have a volatile crowd and we will advise our clients of the risk involved. It is also imperative prior to commencing the assignment that our Bodyguards know the fastest ingress and egress routes to a hospital in case of an emergency. Our Bodyguards are not only retained by the rich and famous, we provide serve to anyone who is in fear of their personal safety. Call us for a free consultation (310) 385- 8200.