For the past thirty years, we are recognized as the Best Bodyguard Services Company in Los Angeles due to our superb reputation for excellence, integrity, confidentiality, and our ability to deploy our highly experienced Bodyguards rapidly. We appreciate how frightening it is to fear the possibility of bodily harm by a deranged or vindictive individual. Knowing someone is out there seeking to harm you or your loved ones is terrifying. We make your safety our mission. We will keep you, your family, and your employees safe and secure. Not a single client of Worldwide Intelligence Network has ever been assaulted or injured on our watch throughout the world.


Thank you for the great team you put together, both guys were really professional and knew what they were doing. We will definitely be using your services again.  Paul

I want to thank you for your superb services and to tell you that I appreciate all you have done for me over many years first by providing excellent Bodyguards for my wedding reception, and assisting me with the removal fraudulent Yelp reviews. I truly appreciate your service and have always trusted you. Kevin T., President Save-on Insurance Services, Inc.

Robert Mann has been an incredible resource and guide through an extremely trying time for our family. We contacted Robert when we became the victims of a stalker whose erratic behavior accelerated very quickly, and we had to leave, essentially, our lives behind. Robert answered every question and every phone call, his diligence, and expertise is not something you come across often. From personal protection to discreet moving services, to helping us scout new locations and apartments to live in- Robert and his associate Chris have been absolute, consummate professionals. They both have a wealth of real-life experience protecting the safety of others. Every avenue was considered, which, as people who had never had experienced this terrible kind of privacy invasion, we had never even thought of. I highly recommend Robert Mann and the services of WINCOR to anyone who needs protection and experience in security. Thank you Robert. Jacqueline L and Athena H.

Everything went smoothly, and without incident, your team was great and between them, my team and the local police, we had the venue locked down pretty tight. Take care, Daniel Heydenrych, Director of Security, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

Hi Robert – Adam the Bodyguard you assigned to me was absolutely wonderful. I felt really stressed going in to today. He made me feel completely comfortable and completely safe. In his presence I was no longer apprehensive. I knew if anything went wrong he had a plan. If I had the money I’d hire him full time!!! Thanks for assigning him to me for this engagement. – MsJenn J

 Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC retained Robert Mann and Worldwide Intelligence Network (“WIN”) to provide risk assessment, residential security design, and implementation and personal protection for Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen for a nine-month period in 2002-2003.During that period, personal security and advance security preparations were performed in Los Angeles, Rome, Australia, and Mexico with no adverse security incidents occurring.-Gary S Rattet, Attorney, Dualstar Entertainment Group LLC

Why Call Us For Your Los Angeles Bodyguard?

There are several bona fide reasons our clients, many of whom are public figures, high-net-worth individuals, CEOs of multinational corporations, and celebrities, prefer our Los Angeles Bodyguards.  Overzealous and deranged fans have stalked them, invaded their residences, climbed over walls surrounding their home, and even threatened to kidnap their children.

Perhaps, you might not fit into the rich and famous category. Yet, you desperately need personal protection from your significant other’s former girlfriend or boyfriend who threatened your life on more than one occasion. They vandalized your vehicle, broke into your home when you were away, they continuously call and threaten you. All of their insanity has but one objective, and that is to get you out of the way so they can reclaim their ex-lover. These are real-life instances where we have identified the perpetrator and had them arrested. When no apparent threat is in play, we plan for such nefarious events that may occur as an imperative aspect of our personal protection bodyguard advance planning.

Bodyguarding is a skill that takes years to perfect.  The Bodyguards we offer our clients have faced life-altering harrowing experiences such as combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our Veteran Bodyguards love what they do. Several of them are certified EMT’s.  Our male and female Bodyguards in Los Angeles are bright great in appearance, and devoted to their profession.   many of them assigned to you are from the rank and file of former law enforcement agencies and government agencies. Anyone assigned to you by Worldwide Intelligence Network is qualified to protect you and those dearest to you.

Various Reasons Why Los Angeles Bodyguard Services Are Requested

  • A High-Net-Worth individual is receiving death threats
  • The CEO of a company is threatened by unhappy customers or clients
  • A Celebrity is being stalked by one or more obsessed fans
  • An ex- significant other is insanely jealous of your new relationship
  • A jealous co-worker loathes you because of your promotion
  • You blew the whistle on a corrupt business practice

The Bodyguard Process

  • To meet you virtually and listen to your concerns. To evaluate the most effective immediate advance plan for your particular situation. Should your threat be imminent relocating you and your family or employees would likely be our recommendation. Should relocation not be possible for you then we will offer to evaluate the gates to your residence, the doors and windows, all security apparatus and their operational ability. Should you wish to retain us we will if necessary confer with law enforcement. Upon your request we then assign one of our Los Angeles Bodyguard to you within the shortest period of time.
  • Do not tell anyone where you are until you speak with us or the police. You can text to people who may be concerned about you but do not tell them where you are.
  • If you notice that the person seeking to harm you is following you by car immediately drive to the nearest police or sheriff station and go inside.
  • Once you are in a secure environment call us immediately.

We will conduct a risk assessment with you over the phone to evaluate your risk and to secure your safety. We maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and no one will know of our conversation. In addition we will run an in-depth background check on the person threatening you to determine if there has been a prior history of violence or if a Temporary Restraining Orders had ever been issued against that person. The bottom line is we need to know exactly who we are dealing with.

The male and female Bodyguards we assign to protect you are from the rank and file of former law enforcement agencies and government agencies or they learned their skills after years of experience providing personal protection/bodyguard services. Anyone assigned to you by Worldwide Intelligence Network is qualified to protect you and those closest to you.

Worldwide Intelligence Network offers