We fully appreciate how terribly frightening it is to be faced with the possibility of bodily harm by a deranged individual. Knowing someone is out there seeking to harm you or your love ones is terrifying. We thoroughly relate to how you feel and we make it our personal mission to keep you and your family safe as we have for the past twenty-three years. Not a single person has ever been injured on our watch.

Why Use Los Angeles Bodyguards?

There are several reasons why people utilize the services of Los Angeles Bodyguards. Many of those people are public figures, high-net worth individuals, CEO’s of multinational corporations and well-known celebrities. Historically, they know not to go out in public without Bodyguard protection. Conversely, you may not fit into any of the above categories; you might be involved with someone’s ex- lover who is obsessed about you being in their way. Perhaps you got into a heated argument with a perfect stranger who followed you home and threatened your safety or you had a disagreement with you at work and that person has been demonstrating peculiar behavior causing you to be concerned that he may retaliate violently. We thought it would be helpful to have the following information as to what you should do if faced with the threat of bodily harm.

The bodyguard process

  • If it is at all possible move you and your family away from anyplace the person you fear is familiar with. If you are unable to move to a temporary location secure all gates, doors and windows and call your local police department if the person seeking to harm you is near or on your property or at your work place. Law enforcement will not respond to your request unless the alleged perpetrator is on your property, at your workplace or brandishing a weapon. Failing law enforcement protection, your next step is to call us immediately to evaluate your risk and to assign a Los Angeles Bodyguard to you within the shortest period of time.
  • Do not tell anyone where you are until you speak with us or the police. You can text to people who may be concerned about you but do not tell them where you are.
  • If you notice that the person seeking to harm you is following you by car immediately drive to the nearest police or sheriff station and go inside.
  • Once you are in a secure environment call us immediately.

We will conduct a risk assessment with you over the phone to evaluate your risk and to secure your safety. We maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and no one will know of our conversation. In addition we will run an in-depth background check on the person threatening you to determine if there has been a prior history of violence or if a Temporary Restraining Orders had ever been issued against that person. The bottom line is we need to know exactly who we are dealing with.

The male and female Bodyguards we assign to protect you are from the rank and file of former law enforcement agencies and government agencies or they learned their skills after years of experience providing personal protection/bodyguard services. Anyone assigned to you by Worldwide Intelligence Network is qualified to protect you and those closest to you.

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