Trump SecurityAs a bona fide corporate Bodyguard services company located in New York and Los Angeles we prefer to get right to the point. Do you trust your Executive Protection Bodyguard? Is he/she someone willing to take a bullet for you? If your answer is “probably not” then do not delude yourself any further when it’s your security at risk. As a successful business person your need for personal security is likely predicated upon your success. Now a deranged individual comes along who decides you do not deserve the lifestyle you currently enjoy. Basically that is the sum and substance of why you require corporate Bodyguard services. We imagine your lifestyle is to have the very best. Then do not deprive yourself now because what you must have is the very best dedicated corporate Personal Protection Bodyguard available, and we’re here to provide that Bodyguard for you. Securing your safety and that of your family and business partners is probably the most important objective in your life. Whether you are a corporate officer, a key executive, high-net worth individual, political leader or dignitary, we have the experience, knowledge and dedicated personnel to provide you with top-level security for your complete peace of mind. Worldwide Intelligence Network is the Gold Standard for Executive Bodyguard services.

Many of the corporate Bodyguards from Worldwide Intelligence Network are former members of the Secret Service, police dignitary and military protection details all of whom worked in conjunction with US Government personnel. These men and women come from experiences that demanded and fostered exceptional training in armed and hand-to-hand combat. They were also trained in complex psychological tactics designed to defuse threatening situations. Now as they enter the civilian arena they knew they had to refine their offensive and defensive techniques for private clients so they enrolled in executive training academies in the USA and Britain to be retrained.

We are internationally recognized as an elite provider of carefully selected corporate Bodyguards who meet rigorous quality standards that are far above the industry norm. You can be assured that your Bodyguard is extremely skilled, perceptive, discrete and well groomed. Our Bodyguards possess enormous pride in what they do. They are courageous, determined to never hesitate for a split second when it comes to saving your life. That aptitude is ingrained in a person’s DNA, and very few can mentally make that commitment. Selecting highly trained and dedicated Bodyguards is what Worldwide Intelligence Network is about.

Your Corporate Bodyguards Will:

Collect your biographical data with your permission that will include information pertaining to you and your family’s health and medical history, such as blood type, required medications, physician(s) and preferred hospitals. This is necessary to ensure that we will be able to get you the medical assistance you or your loved ones might need if any of you become ill or hurt.

Conduct a Risk Assessment Survey of your residence and at your business. This is to identify potential risks that are the foundation of an optimal personal security plan.

Establish a command post on your property that will be manned by our security personnel who will be fully informed about all individuals authorized to be on your property and who will be verified by a photo gallery. Continual updates will be ongoing as necessary.

Examine all vehicles used by you and your family members. We will check to make certain that emergency road equipment is inside all vehicles, along with first aid kits and two way state-of-the-art radios.  All vehicles are routinely examined for arms and explosives.

Gather vital intelligence pertinent to your safety at home and abroad.

Your corporate security bodyguard team will have an evacuation plan for your residence and office. If possible, a safe room will be established in all of your residences and offices. The nearest emergency hospitals will be mapped, along with their safest and fastest ingress and egress routes.

Conduct electronic counter surveillance surveys for listening devices and telephone taps in all of your residences and offices.

Conduct in-depth Background Investigations on anyone you are not completely familiar with and with whom you are scheduled to meet.

Consult with you to ascertain how you prefer your Bodyguards to conform to your comfort zone. Do you prefer a non-obtrusive approach (in the background) or would you be more comfortable with an overt close-in presence?  Whatever your preference, it will be adhered to and it would only be changed should a situation arise where there is a clear and present danger to your safety.

Security When Traveling Overseas

Should you or your family plan to travel abroad, your regular Bodyguard should always accompany you. A local Bodyguard will also be assigned to you. There is no substitute for local protection agents who have an intricate knowledge of their city and country.  Having local security personnel along with your regular Bodyguard affords you vital intelligence that will ensure safe travel.


Billionaire, Marvin Davis (former owner of 20th Century Fox film studios) and his wife were robbed of $10 million in jewels and $50,000 in cash by masked gunmen while on holiday in the south of France. According to police, the robbery took place when the couple’s Bodyguard, who was trailing their chauffeur-driven limousine in another automobile, was delayed in traffic. French Police reported that cars suddenly blocked the road, ahead of and behind the limousine. Four masked men jumped out brandishing guns, overpowered the chauffeur and forced the Davis’s to open the limousine’s trunk, which contained their luggage, cash and jewelry. The gunmen fled with the money and jewels before the Bodyguard arrived. Investigators tracked down the gunmen’s car and found personal documents of the Davises in it. This led to the arrest of two French nationals, who were accomplices to the thieves.

Had they retained the services of local Bodyguards in addition to their own Bodyguard from the USA, the chauffeur would have been told to take an alternated route where traffic was more fluid—information that could have only been known by a locally-based Bodyguard.  Any local bodyguard we assign has been vetted to conduct a preliminary analysis of any eminent risks within the areas contained in your travel itinerary.

Additional Information

Plan on traveling outside the USA? It would be advisable that you check with the US Department of State’s website for travel advisories prior to your departure click here. The State Department often recommends that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to a particular country, as listed on this site. A travel warning is also issued when the U.S. Government’s ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate due to terrorist attacks.

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