tom cruise with katie holmes protected by bodyguardsOur Celebrity Bodyguard Services division is comprised of protection personnel who have been working with celebrities for years. Our male and female Bodyguards can be an integral component of your national or international tour. They are accustomed to consulting with the venue security personnel to make certain all security protocols are complied with and they see to it that your entourage arrived safe and that everyone’s luggage is distributed to its rightful owner. Throughout your journey we strive to assure your privacy and your personal space by managing the paparazzi and the media. Confidentiality is paramount to our celebrity clients and we protect that confidentiality without compromise Above all else we adapt rapidly to any perceived or sudden threat to our client’s safety. Our goal is to make sure our client continues to enjoy a fulfilling life, professionally and socially.

To preserve your welfare we will:

  • Review any disturbing fan mail – emails
  • Obtain background information on the remitter of negative fan mail
  • Conduct advance security surveys at public locations to be visited by our client
  • Familiarize our personnel with the nearest emergency facilities
  • Coordinate with Chauffer’s and stage hands via state of the art communications
  • Manage crowd control upon arrivals at air terminals and railway stations
  • Defuse volatile confrontations while removing the client from a confrontation
  • Avoid hostile or volatile areas when traveling abroad
  • Manage paparazzi and the media without causing negative press

MaryKate-Ashley-Olsen-DualStar_thumbFor over 23 years, Worldwide Intelligence Network’s New York and Los Angeles’ offices have provided high level security for our celebrity clients. These two epicenters of the entertainment industry provide Bodyguards who are well connected and influential in their respective cities and they can facilitate uninterrupted entry to airlines, athletic arenas, restaurants, high end boutiques, night clubs and casinos.

Many of our Celebrity Bodyguards come from the rank and file of the Secret Service, FBI, Dignitary Police details and the military protective teams. If you prefer an unobtrusive security detail that appears to fade into the background while you maintain your freedom of movement, you can rest assured our eyes are constantly at 360 degrees and you will remain safe at all times. Should you prefer close personal protection, especially if you are inclined to permit the paparazzi to take as many photos as they wish we will make certain (in a very civil manner) that they do not cross the line.

Worldwide Intelligence Network was named among the Top Five Private Investigation and Bodyguard Companies in America by Conde Nast Publications.