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Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing armed and unarmed New York Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services for the past twenty-nine years, and we are extremely proud of our exemplary Personal Protection Specialists’ record of keeping  everyone of our clients safe from being kidnapped, assaulted or injured. Personal Security is a  monumental  responsibility that we take very seriously. All of our New York Executive Protection Specialists have years experience protecting high-profile clients, celebrities dignitaries, US Department of State Diplomats and Fortune 500 Executives. If you are seeking to Hire A Bodyguard, Executive Protection Specialist then we should be your first call.

Whether you require one day, one year or a lifetime of having New York Personal Protection services, we will provide you with the finest skilled Bodyguards in New York at very competitive rates.

Our clients are CEO’s, CFO’s, high valued consultants, and attorneys involved in contentious litigated matters. We welcome the general New York public to call us. Should you be concerned about an  anticipated workplace violence call us. Clients who represent artists planning a worldwide concert tour call us.

experienced bodyguardsWho Are Our Bodyguards

Several of our New York Bodyguards are off duty or retired police officers and detectives. Others are former government agents and Veterans who provided Personal Protection Security for Dignitary Delegations visiting a theater of war zone. All our Personal Protection personnel are vetted by our investigative division at Worldwide Intelligence Network prior to being assigned.

Our Private Investigation and Bodyguard are licensed and insured in New York

[Unique ID #11000008057] and California license [#14745 and #15757]

Security Services We Offer

  • bodyguard services to celebrities in New YorkTo further our client’s safety and security we offer risk assessment analysis for estates and businesses.
  • We work with only the best intrusion detection equipment manufacturers
  • Our contractors are renown for constructing the most advanced safe rooms
  • Biometric retina, hand & fingerprint scanners are provided  by the finest manufacturers
  • Remote monitoring of your CCTV video surveillance equipment is assured
  • Enhanced access cards are a critical component of business security.

How Are You Most Comfortable With Your Bodyguard?

Our New York Bodyguard Service Division appreciates the nuances of how clients prefer to be accompanied by their Bodyguards. Some clients prefer to have close in protection while others prefer some distance between them and their protection detail.

We appreciate our client’s preferences and will never deviate from a client’s preference unless there is a potential breach. An additional benefit for many of our clients is that our Bodyguards have cultivated meaningful relationships at various nightclubs, venues, theatrical shows and restaurants that can at times facilitate VIP treatment.

Maneuvering in the Big Apple

Knowing in advance where our client plans on going in New York is very helpful. We do not want the client tied up in bumper to bumper traffic in the heart of the city when there are much safer and faster ways to get around traffic.

Should a client volunteer where they intend on going  and provide us with some advance notice, we will conduct a rapid survey on how to avoid traffic congestion and areas deemed to be unsafe to travel in during specific times of the day or night and or during unrest in a particular neighborhood.

We learned over the years that some clients might not be unaware that a club they want to visit is known to have a rather volatile crowd, and therefore we will advise our clients accordingly of the risk involved.

It is also imperative before commencing the assignment that our Bodyguards know the fastest ingress and egress routes to a hospital in case of an emergency. Plus, any medical condition the client wants to share with us.

We hope to be of service to you.

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