We so often receive investigative requests from men and women who are involved in very personal relationships with someone they met online. They have come to point where they are uncomfortable and want us to investigate whether their lover is who they say they are and if they are married or committed to another relationship. Many of these people readily admit they are very much in love even though they have never met face to face with their online lover. Usually, these investigative requests occur when the online lover promises to fly out to meet them and then suddenly comes up with a last-minute excuse why they cannot leave their home country. Another reason we might be called to investigate their online lover is due to their online lover telling them that they are in very serious financial trouble. They will usually say their problem is due to a tax issue in their country or a medical emergency for which they have no money for.

The most disheartening call we receive is when we’re told the funds were already wired and that their alleged lover has never been heard from again. Once retained by our client were asked to track down where their so-called lover actually lives and to confirm whether he or she is really the person in the photo they posted online. In almost all cases the photo was hijacked from someone else social media profile and we usually learn the perpetrator works in a boiler room operation where hundreds of potential victims are sent emails through online dating sites. These crooks troll night and day for men and women on dating sites, they have no conscience or concerns about their victims because they feed their families based upon a percentage of the money they steal from their victims. Their job is to study hundreds of profiles of registered users all over the world and then pick their targets.

We have identified where most of these boiler room operations are located. They are usually in Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, and India. Those victims who wired funds will never recover their money and the person who scammed them will never be prosecuted. Foreign governments could care less as they have not the funds to deal with these scams. Worldwide Intelligence Network can confirm for you if your lover is a real person by conducting an advance background investigation on them anywhere in the world.

Here are a couple of very helpful websites for you.

Men, please check out this site:


Ladies and gentlemen, please look at this site from the FBI:


Not all online romances turn out bad. However, you should allow us to a background investigation prior to you committing to a relationship.