Who would have imagined parents finding themselves concerned about their child running away from home, from their family and friends to join a terrorist group such as ISIS?  Unfortunately, this issue has become a reality for parents who must now take notice and become extremely vigilant as to their teenager’s Internet activities. Granted, parents have more than their fair share of stress dealing with all of the life’s issues. Try to imagine how you would feel to open your front door and be greeted by the FBI telling you that your teenager has been communicating with ISIS recruiters and was apprehended at the airport about to board a plane for Turkey with a detailed map of entry points into Syria. We imagine that would be a staggering and incomprehensible moment for you.

There are ways to prevent this from happening such as acquiring Software programs that can monitor your teenager’s Internet activity. We appreciate that no parent wants to spy on their child and we respectfully recommend you be completely upfront with your teenager and explain it is your responsibility as their parent to monitor their Internet activity to make sure they are not corresponding with an ISIS recruiter. There is a fairly good chance your teenager may be offended, so be it. Better to be offended than beheaded, raped or killed. ISIS’s recruiting efforts are incredibly sophisticated and appealing to teenagers. Should your teenager become outraged, rebellious and/or incorrigible by what you tell them to show them the videos of ISIS beheadings and ask them to read articles about ISIS? Here is an excerpt from one article; “Mass executions, beheadings, crucifixions, burying them alive, selling them as sex slaves, using them as suicide bombers and shields, and sexually abusing them are some of the heinous crimes being committed against innocent children by the Islamic State militants.”  http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/25/middleeast/isis-kids-propaganda/

No one ever said teenagers are easy to communicate with. But it is more productive to approach your teenager in a calm, assertive and sincere manner than appearing hysterical, controlling or demanding. The correct approach should encourage your teenager to listen to you about ISIS and ISIS’s psychological recruiting methods which have been very successful in manipulating teenagers in America and Western Europe to join them. ISIS offers teenagers a horrific existence of terror in Syria and Iraq. ISIS promises their recruits they will to convert them to the Muslim religion except for their interpretation of the Muslim religion is nothing less than a  fanatical interpretation of the Muslim religion. Please do not wait to discover evidence of your teenager’s communications with ISIS before raising the issue with your teenager. Begin now to research Internet Software Monitoring Programs for Mac and Windows PC’s.  Some programs are offered free of charge. We do not sell those programs and therefore we do not list the names of the companies who sell or offer them for free. According to the FBI, over one hundred teenagers left the United States to join ISIS and those were the ones the FBI knew about. Can you imagine how many the FBI doesn’t know about? The United Kingdom has their hands full with their teenagers leaving home to join ISIS.  You might want to seek assistance from your child’s high school counselor or even try to arrange a school seminar or meeting with the teenagers at your child’s high school. We hope you consider this a genuine effort by us to protect the child you love. All the best, the staff at Worldwide Intelligence Network.