Prior to 911 (September 11 attacks), we would not have paid attention to a suitcase left unattended at the entrance or inside an airport terminal. Today that suitcase should be an immediate safety concern to everyone at that airport. It takes only a moment to dial 911 and report the presence of an unattended suitcase. True, the suitcase could have been accidentally left behind or perhaps it could be a bomb waiting to be detonated. Each and every one of us must try to remember to be hyper-aware and diligent of any unusual observation or occurrence. Our minds as unfortunate as it sounds, must now intellectually accept that we are at war with an enemy that has absolutely no regard for human life be is an infant, a mother, father, sister, brother or even an elderly person in a wheelchair. None of us ever dreamed we would be living our lives fearful of being in or around a train, a bus, an airplane or even visiting a tourist attraction overseas or in the USA.  Each and every one of us literally have a responsibility to be more diligent and aware of anything or anyone that appears to be out of place or who is acting weird or abnormal. We can no longer presume we will not become a victim of a terrorist attack. None of the victims in Paris, Turkey, Belgium or San Bernardino thought they would be killed or torn apart by bullets or bombs. Could any of those victims being aware of a potential attack, most likely not but all of us need to be much more aware of our surroundings? A perfect example of due diligence and awareness was the Belgium taxi cab driver who went to the police immediately after the bombing at the airport to report the bizarre conversation he overheard in his taxi cab while driving the three bombers to the airport.

Most of the world’s population are a culture of kind considerate and accepting  people most of whom prefer to keep their opinions to themselves and many follow the adages “if you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.” Today we can no longer think something odd is none of our business because anything that appears to be out of place, threatening or peculiar could very well be very harmful and should not be ignored. All of us have a responsibility to report someone or something that appears odd and out of place to law enforcement. If you notice that someone’s disposition is off the charts, report that person to law enforcement. We are not suggesting that you become a lay psychologist and begin reporting every person who looks or acts oddly in your opinion but rather reports anything that you instinctively feel is very strange or out of place.

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