Can you imagine how terrorizing it is to know someone out there is seeking to harm you or your loved ones? Who can you trust to protect you and your family? You would need someone who has been trained and has the skills and experience to keep you and your family safe no matter what the risk is. Yes, it would be a top-notch Bodyguard. Bodyguards are not only for the rich and famous. When you see a Bodyguard walking alongside their client, you might not know what tasks the Bodyguard dealt with before that walk takes place. The first thing a Bodyguard does is to conduct an advance survey of the exact area and streets their client will be going to. They will check the environment to determine if the area is safe enough for their client to be in. They will see how often the police patrol the designated area where their client intends to go. Nearby emergency hospitals are researched in case their client has to be transported to an emergency room. Should the client be meeting with business associates whom he/she is unfamiliar with, the Bodyguard will contact an investigation company to conduct an in-depth background investigation on the persons their client will be meeting with to make sure those people are of a good moral character and that they have no criminal record or multiple civil lawsuits. Also, they will plan travel routes and conduct an advanced survey of the building, rooms and vehicles their client will be entering, to look for any potential danger.

Depending upon the client determines whether one or more Bodyguards are required. A team of Bodyguards is usually assigned when a severe risk is known such as someone who had tried to attack the client previously or is obsessed with the client and has been stalking them. Bodyguards also protect public officials, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities primarily to prevent kidnapping, assassination, theft, and assaults. Bodyguards are trained to react quickly in an emergency and can make immediate decisions. They stay close to their clients at all times while keeping an eye on their surroundings, and making sure suspicious people are at a distance. Before entering a building or a meeting place, the Bodyguard will carefully survey the environment, and will know the best way to exit a building with their client should the need arise. Bodyguards are also responsible for planning driving routes for their clients to make sure that their clients arrive and leave destinations safely and do not enter undesirable neighborhoods.

At Worldwide Intelligence Network we have made it our mission to keep our clients safe by providing the best bodyguard services with years of experience, our professionals ensure your security and offer superb quality services.