Lana Del Rey is a singer/songwriter who is set to release her new album, Ultraviolence, later this year. But there is trouble brewing for the songstress. This is what happens when professional Personal Protection Specialists and celebrity bodyguards are not retained to manage the paparazzi at a film shoot.

Del Rey’s production company is currently being sued for $1million after a video shoot for her song, Tropico, turned ugly. Karl Larsen, a photographer who works for Rolling Stone magazine, claims that he was attacked by 3 members of Del Rey’s entourage who wanted him to stop taking pictures of the songstress after stumbling upon the shoot on the L.A. River last summer. The 3 members, production staff members of Black Hand Cinema, threatened to destroy Larsen’s camera, then after taking the camera from his hand, removed its memory card. In the lawsuit, Larsen claims that one of them also slashed his finger with a box cutter, which left him requiring stitches.

A simple courteous dialogue would have prevented this from happening!

The key to defusing a volatile situation is to remain calm and courteous. While we weren’t there to know what actually happened, we have encountered many of these types of situations before and have successfully prevented them from becoming detrimental.