It’s quite clear that you would not have searched and found our website unless you had an uneasy feeling about your life’s partner being unfaithful to you. Perhaps you were upfront and honest when you approached your partner about your infidelity suspicions and what you heard in return was that you’re delusional. So, where do you go from there? You undoubtedly have thought about the alternatives of what it would be like to break up your relationship. You might feel it would be very lonely without your partner and on the other hand, you will ask yourself could you continue live with a partner you no longer can trust. Which would be worse, the lack of trust you’ll have for as long as you are together or being alone? That is what you have to come to terms with.

You are emotionally hurting beyond what you have ever experienced. You thought your partner would never be like those of your closest friends who learned their life partners, significant others and spouses were cheating on them. Now comes the time for you to make a choice, to be brave and confront your suspicions. Perhaps you will learn that you were wrong and your partner has been faithful to you all along or your partner is not and probably was never the person you thought they were.

The truth will set you free no matter what. You owe it to yourself not to live in the dark and pretend you are in a relationship that is divine when your guts tell you something is seriously wrong. You are too good to be in a situation where someone you love violated you and it should not continue if it is true. Your job or career might be affected, your home life might be in utter turmoil or you can’t even eat or enjoy any downtime because the thought of the person you love cheating on you is taking over your life and that has got to come to an end.

For the past twenty-three years, we have helped hundreds of our clients regain their lives by learning the truth. There is nothing underhanded about you making the decision and going forward with asking us to surveil your partner for you to know exactly what they are up to and if they are involved with someone else and spending money on that person of which half is rightfully yours. We’ve often been told by clients we helped in infidelity cases that the not knowing is worse than knowing.

Infidelity Surveillance

Here is what we can do for you. We will initiate a very discrete surveillance investigation that will include videotaping everything we see your partner doing. We will document what we see in a written report as well. You should carefully think about when would be the most opportune times you think your partner is out and about seeing someone else. Will it be at work, after work, on the weekends or during out of town business trips? Try looking at their cell phones, iPad or laptops for strange text messages, emails and Instagram photos. Those are the various ways to learn if something is going on.

However, if your partner is above average intelligence they won’t leave clues for you to find. Call us, we understand how you feel and we can help you and that is a certainty.