When choosing a superb private investigator (PI), lawyers and top law firms across the country choose the best legal private investigators. The latter can demonstrate experience working on complex legal cases for some of the leading law firms in the nation.

A legal private investigator  understands how the legal system works, knows their objective assignment, and how to conduct themselves discreetly and professionally. 

If you are looking for a private detective, opt for a candidate with a suitable background, extensive training, experience, persistence, and integrity. Familiarize yourself with characteristics to look for in a preferred private investigator to help your clients and win cases. 



A preferred PI has a legal or law enforcement background. Legal and law enforcement veterans have a more nuanced and intuitive understanding of private investigation that can help your case and ensure professionalism. The investigators at Worldwide Intelligence Network (Wincor) have extensive experience in legal investigative services.   


Training and Licensing 

Of course, be confident that any private investigator you retain has the proper training and license to operate in any state or jurisdiction they may need to visit during your investigation. Worldwide Intelligence Network is licensed in New York and California, allowing us to serve clients in both states. 



Top law firms prefer private investigators with years of litigation experience. The private investigator you choose should have several years of legal investigative experience, fully comprehend the assigned case’s gestalt and understand that every case requires specific skills and tactics. 

An experienced private investigator will understand the evidence the opposing attorney or prosecutor may bring to the case. They will pursue possible leads to refute prosecutorial evidence to support your clients. 

A private investigator should have a deep knowledge of the intricacies of complex legal matters and be able to present their findings in a skillful, systematic, and articulate manner in court. 

Some other traits include their proven ability to:

  • To undertake complex, challenging legal investigations
  • Perform in-depth background investigations
  • Skilled in finding and interviewing potential witnesses
  • Know how to work within the criminal justice system
  • Conduct covert surveillance

Worldwide  Intelligence Network is a top-rated investigative firm in New York and California. We have the pleasure of working with some of the most prolific lawyers in America, conducting civil and criminal litigation cases, all of whom would attest to our experience in the field.



Most investigations are complex, lengthy processes requiring a thorough breakdown of the facts, which could require months to uncover all the case details. Any private detective you hire should be permitted to take the time and effort necessary to seek the truth for your case. 



Top law firms are always concerned about a PI’s integrity. A good PI should know how to keep sensitive information confidential. 

Law firms should review the private investigator’s accolades and check references when hiring an investigator.

A law firm interested in hiring a PI for investigative work should make themselves aware of the private investigation company’s reputation as well as the investigator they assign to your case, who must demonstrate a reputation for professional discretion and personal integrity to investigate and discuss a case’s facts. 

Only choose an investigator from a firm like Worldwide Intelligence Network that demonstrates professionalism and integrity with a long list of satisfied client testimonials. 


Top Law firm Preferred Private Investigators from Worldwide Intelligence Network

Worldwide Intelligence Network is your source for the nation’s best private investigators. Rated as one of the five best private investigation companies in the United States. Their investigators have all the characteristics of a professional litigation support investigator. 

Contact Worldwide Intelligence Network today for superb private investigation services conducted by experienced, competent, and qualified professionals.