Worldwide Intelligence Network aka Robert Mann wincor, has been in business for 23 years. I have enjoyed a fabulous career as a Private Investigator and Personal Protection Specialist.  Sometimes I’m asked “what is it about your profession that you enjoy.” The answer is simple, although we contend with a significant amount of sadness and tragedy, fixing someone’s problem satisfactorily is very rewarding. Each and every case is a challenge and each and every case brings with it a new learning experience. What did we know about Counterfeiting in China or Internet Identity Theft, or Infidelity and Criminal Defense prior to becoming a Private Investigator, the answer; little to nothing. We studied each task, we worked hours on end researching and eventually we learned what had to be done and we did it with a fervent desire to help our clients. Now 23 years later we are very proud to be recognized throughout the USA and around the world as one of the very best, trusted Investigation and Personal Protection firms.  So many clients have written us letters thanking us for our assistance in their time of despair and need.

Multiple law firms across the USA have repeatedly ask us to assist them with their complex litigated matters. Honesty and integrity is what we believe in and we refuse to accept any case that we do not feel we can resolve to our client’s satisfaction. It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning with a clear conscience and to look forward to helping someone who needs us.  All we ever want to do, is our very best. Please visit us at which is Worldwide Intelligence Network’s website.